February 24, 2013

A nice Sunday Hike

After a weekend being spread out everywhere, we finally managed to do something as a dorm!  We moved our dorm fellowship up from it's normal 8 o'clock slot, and today at 3 in the afternoon we went for a hike in the woods as a dorm.  It was nice to get some fresh air and guys broke into groups of 4 or 5 and just walked and talked . . . it was really nice!

February 17, 2013

One of my favorite nights of the year

Germans know how to have fun . . . start a huge fire, grill up some meat, and shoot wooden disks off into the vineyards. . . in America the fire dept. would shut this party down, but in Germany it's a community bonding night.  We took our seniors and had a blast.  Danielle went for the first time this year . . . and proceeded to hit me when I was trying to show her how to do it.  I'm no worse for the wear but it was a little scary having my wife wack me in the head with a hot smoldering wooden stick . . . I love her!!!

February 10, 2013

Snow football and another HBR weekend!!!

Another week at BFA is in the books.  On Monday we celebrated Danny’s birthday and since he’s a senior he got off easy without a creeking.  We had to celebrate his birthday early in the week, because he left us on Wednesday for a knee surgery appt. on Thursday morning.  We’ve heard everything went well and now he’ll spend this week at home recovering.  
Friday night and Saturday BFA basketball hosted home games against Ramstein Airbase.  Ramstein is a school of almost 1200 kids, and all of our teams did well considering how much bigger the other school was.  We only had 2 wrestlers gone this past weekend at sectionals down in Italy.  However, HBR was a big winner with Greer winning his weight class.  Next up for him is European finals this coming weekend.  Go Greer!
 Most of this past week it snowed and was bitter cold, but today it’s beautiful and sunny and the snow is melting.  This afternoon we were invited to join in a study break and play some snow football against Maug and Sonne.  A good group of guys headed out and we enjoyed ourselves.