January 27, 2013

Danielle and chicken Parmesian

Tonight in the dorm we were getting all set to enjoy some Chicken Parmesian . . . Danielle couldn't wait and decided to enjoy some while pulling it out of the oven!  HA!  Actually the poor girl burnt herself pretty badly (2nd Degree) when the sauce spilled as she was removing it from the oven.  She is alright and the trip to the ER was a fun family experience.

January 20, 2013

A birthday present to myself

My birthday was Friday night and I had the chance to give myself a pretty cool gift . . . Watch the video!!!

January 13, 2013

2nd semester begins

Well their back!  Life at BFA and HBR is back in full swing and the guys have loved seeing each other again.  We didn’t get everyone back until late Tuesday, but ever since then the house has been full of noise and stories from break. Saturday we had a quick shot of warm weather and some of us were able to join up with two other dorms and get in some soccer out at Holzen field.  And yet as I write this I am staring out the staff office window and it is lightly snowing . . .so bye bye nice weather.  Even though the weather has turned cold we didn’t let that stop us from having a birthday creeking today.  David, whose birthday was during Christmas break, got to enjoy a cold HBR baptismal today.  We  seems to be having cake every night lately, Phil’s birthday was last Thursday, Michael’s is tomorrow, mine’s next week, and John and Danny’s were over Christmas break as well . . . were just putting on a few extra pounds to get through winter at HBR!