October 28, 2012

HBR's do nothing weekend!!

We have done a 180 with our weather this week.  7 days ago I was blogging immediately following our “picnic lunch” outside . . . today we have about an inch of snow on the ground!  It got colder and colder everyday of the past week.  On Friday night we had over the girls from Wittlingen dorm for a coffee house and board games.  We turned our downstairs dining room into a laid back and relaxing lounge, moving in couches and moving out dining tables and chairs.  It was one of our more “calm” events so it was nice. . . . and when it was all over none of the guys wanted to move the dining room tables back in.  So Saturday morning we ate on couches and watched cartoons and different movies.  Then it started snowing and all the guys kept lobbying the staff to keep the couches because it was so cozy . . . so far we haven’t moved them out.  The guys have loved it.  In fact I’m currently typing this downstairs while we watch Toy Story 3.  

October 21, 2012

This week in HBR 10-21

Friday night was the big event of the weekend. The student council hosted the annual fall party at the high school. The theme this year was “favorite things” . . . which basically meant you could dress as anything you wanted. Once at the school the students could play dodgeball, eat candy, decorate cookies, bob for apples, watch Charlie brown, etc. It was kind of random.
Today we had a picnic lunch and enjoyed Scott’s creeking on this lovely fall day. His actual birthday was on Friday, but with the fall party festivities we decided to wait until today to celebrate.

Paris with the Parents

You know whats fun . . . taking your retired parents to Paris and seeing sights with them.  My mom was like a little kid, "This is so great to be sharing this with you guys."  We are blessed to be just a short train ride away from so many great cities.  We're living the dream!