September 30, 2012

HBR's last weekend in Sept.

Last night we made plans to go on a hike & picnic with two girls dorms, but the weather put a downer on our plans.  Around 4 in the afternoon we decided that it was too wet and cold for a picnic . . . the only problem was that each of the 3 dorms had one part of the dinner.  I wasn’t looking forward to a dinner of bread only, so we decided to have the girls dorms over to HBR and we tried to “dress” up the rec room and create our own mountains out of couches.  We even had a video of nature sounds playing on the tv.  In the end we had an “indoor” picnic complete with bread, cheese, meat, smores . . . . . and awkward teenage interactions!!!!

September 23, 2012

HBR weekend

 On Saturday morning we surprised the guys by having our breakfast up in the rec. room instead of in the dining room.  We showed some old cartoons like Superman and Popeye and the guys got a kick out of them while they ate pancakes and bacon.  Saturday afternoon ended up being the worst weather of the week and that was a bummer because it was BFA’s first home tennis matches.  Two HBR guys, Bumjun and Timothy, are involved with the tennis team and they braved the rainy weather to compete in the matches.  A number of HBR guys came out to cheer on their dorm brothers, unfortunately we lost the matches and the meet. 
Saturday night we invited over the girls from Storch dorm.  Normally we have a bonfire and smores with them, but with the cold weather we ended up just playing some games up in the rec. room.  In one game the students had to sing with headphones on and make fools of themselves, while everyone else tried to guess the song they were listening to.  In another game they had to try and gargle a tune while the rest of the students tried to guess.  We ended the night with a game called “four on a couch” that helps people to learn each others names.  It was guys against girls and when we finally won we made complete fools of ourselves . . . myself included. 

Today Titus and Addie sang in a local German church.  It was with their kindergarten and they did a great job

September 19, 2012

First day of Kindergarten

The kids went to Kindergarten on Tuesday of last week.  It's crazy to think that both of our kids are "school aged".  We are trying to get used to the idea of Danielle and I having "free time" without kids!

September 16, 2012

Medieval NIGHT!!!

This year we added to the football festivities by having dinner with all of the guys dorms after the games. We had “medieval” night with the other guys dorms and the students were encouraged to dress up and get into it. Most of the guys did and then we enjoyed a fabulous meal of roasted chickens, potatoes, and bread baked over the fire. We decided to make it more “manly” by not using utensils or plates. Afterward we had some fun made up medieval games like plank wrestling, piggy-back jousting, and goldrush. The last game we split up the dorms and mixed up the teams. We did this on purpose so that the guys would bond with some other BFA guys and not be loyal to just their dorm. It was a great day.