August 24, 2012

Summer Fun

Here are some pics from our summer activities:  Addie's Birthday party, a local festival in a town nearby where we got to ride the Ferris wheel . . . and Danielle freaked out, visit friends in Grenoble France, and celebrate the birth of our friends first baby.  It's been great!

Grandma and Grandpa visit

So I know that I've basically let this blog die for the past 2 months . . . but that's okay, because during the summer I like to take a break and just focus on family time.  We've had a great summer full of good family time and down time.  Here are some pictures highlights from when Danielle's parents visited (in no chronological order).  We got to go to Venice, Europa Park, and spend time together, it was great . . . and yes those are salmon pants I'm wearing!

August 16, 2012

HBR staff 2012-2013

This is our staff for this year.   Courtney and Silas Stacy are joining our team and we are really excited.  Silas comes from 3 generations of dorm parents from all around the world.  We feel blessed to serve with this team . . . . oh yeah and Phil is cool too!!!