May 28, 2012

Last post before Grad!

Wow!  The time has flown by and the HBR guys all seem about 10 years older to me than when they walked into this building in August.  Danielle and I have both commented that this has probably been one of our favorite years in the dorm during our tenure. 

This week I was gone till Thursday with the soccer guys at the DODDS European tournament.  Our guys did a fantastic job and made it all the way to the championship game.  Unfortunately we lost 1-0, but what an amazing run we had!  BFA played all of their games with class and the HBR guys on the team were crucial to our success.  Out of over 240 soccer players at the tournament BFA had 3 chosen for the 13 man all-tournament team.  Two HBR guys, Garrett and Austin, were honored with the award.  I can only conclude that pole soccer is the key to getting better at normal soccer!  HA!  We got back late on Thursday night and on Friday the soccer guys had one day to prepare for finals and enjoy an art show at school.   A number of our guys had some cool pieces in it . . .what can I say we are such a well-rounded group.  We have athletes, academics, artists, musicians, etc. . .

This weekend we have been cleaning, hanging out with friends, and honoring our seniors.  We spent some time Friday night saying goodbye to our seniors and made each of them sit in the "hot seat" for 15 minutes while we went around sharing stories and thanking them.  This is a hard night with tears shed, forgiveness asked for, and laughter shared over the course of 3-4 hours.  The seniors originally came to me and said, "We don't want to do it."  Well I overruled them and made them hear how much we loved them . . . in the end I think they enjoyed it.  They got me back by "dog-piling" me at the end of the night . . . I'm still sore.  


May 20, 2012

I am leaving with 6 of our soccer guys for the end of the year tournament today, but before I got out of town I wanted to post these pictures from our dorm party on Thursday.  It was a ton of fun!  We go-karted, ate huge T-bone steaks, saw a movie and just had a blast as a dorm family.  Thursday happened to be Evan's birthday so we creeked him as well. 

This weekend we've been cleaning out our rooms and preparing for the final 2 weeks of the year.  However, we still snuck in some time to play soccer and watch the champions league final game.   Remember Danielle this week, she has 2 toddlers and 16 high school guys to help take care of while I'm gone for 4 days . . . I have superwoman for a wife!

 HBR bank robbers

 Great shot of the dorm!
 We weren't the best drivers and a few guys ran into stuff . . . and each other
 Austin came in 1st
 Huge T-bones