April 29, 2012

A Nice Sunday in HBR

It's been a great day with PHENOMENAL weather. . . . and when it's like that around here you actually think, "I'm living in the greatest place on earth."  Forget the months from November thru February that are miserable and foggy and rainy and snowy.  Right now we are privileged to enjoy this.  So today I ate lunch outside, built a fort with my kids, played outside, and when on a walk in the beautiful place with our great guys.  What a day!

April 22, 2012

This week in HBR 4-22

We finally got all of the guys back to the dorm on Wednesday morning.  A number of guys had travel difficulties and got held up in London and Istanbul.  We are glad they all eventually made it back to HBR.   From what I heard the weekend around HBR was incredibly quiet.  I left with the soccer team on Thursday night and we didn’t get back until last night.  Along with 8 guys gone at soccer we had 3 guys gone with the track team on Friday night and Saturday.  That meant we only had half of the dorm in the building this weekend.  Anna and Joe took some of the guys into Lorrach to shop and walk around during the day on Saturday and most of the guys I talked to enjoyed the chill weekend.  The soccer guys had a tough weekend with the varsity tying one game 1-1 and losing one game 3-1.  The JV guys won on Friday 3-1 and then lost on Saturday 4-0.  Along with the tough games the weather was brutal with lots of rain and cold.  The highlights for HBR were that Garrett scored the varsity goal on Friday and Austin got the 1 varsity goal on Saturday. 
I don’t have many pictures this week but I threw in some that I forgot to post before spring break (Mark and Andrew’s birthday creekings that required pictures along with all dorm pictures we needed for the yearbook) 

April 16, 2012

Spring break

So we've really let the blog go for the past 2 and a half weeks. Sorry, it was spring break and we have been resting, also our camera died right before spring break. The good news is that while Danielle was in the U.S. she picked us up a new camera so we're pretty excited to now be shooting in 16.2 megapixels. The camera can also do all kinds of cool effects, and I've been playing with it . . . but I'll probably just end up using it to take "normal" pics. Anyways while Danielle was gone I had the kids for 10 days all by myself . . . somehow I managed to keep them fed and clothed despite many peoples worries and prayers! One day we went up into the woods and found a look out tower and castle to play on so I took some pics with our ipad . . .not 16.2 megapixel quality, but good enough for the grandparents.
The boys start arriving today and that means we are a little over 6 weeks from graduation . . . .AAARRGGHHHH! It's going to fly by, but we'll try and keep you updated as we go.

Titus gets the first picture taken with the new camera
some camera effects

Castle and woods day