March 25, 2012

HBR's week 3-25

We had a ton going on this weekend and we're all pretty wiped out. Thursday night was the honors recital and BumJun and Boram were selected from a tough group of competitors to do a violin and piano duet.
Friday night was the talent show. We didn't have anyone in the talent show, but HBR won the guys dorm "push-up challenge". Our 4 guys (Greer, Garrett, Ju Young, and Tony) did 27 four man push-ups. The next closest guys dorm did ten . . . needless to say this boosted our dorm ego by about a 1000%. The highlight of the talent show was when Cory, my good friend and RA in another dorm, did a "hair band" song with guys in his dorm. His outfit was atrociously beautiful!
Saturday we had our first home soccer games of the year and the weather was amazing. Most of the students came out and supported the guys and got tan in the beautiful weather. The varsity guys tied 3-3 and the JV guys lost 1-0 (poor coaching on the JV coaches part!). The varsity guys were leading 3-1 but Heidelberg put on the pressure and managed to get two goals late in the game. Once again Austin managed to contribute by scoring the first goal of the game on a penalty kick.

March 11, 2012

The HBR Men's Choir!!

Tonight was interesting . . . the guys proposed that for dorm fellowship we go around to each of the girls dorms and serenade them. So this afternoon we made 4 cakes and then at 7 o’clock tonight we started making fools of ourselves (I was sure to get some pics of this) It was a good time and the Vienna boys choir has nothing to worry about as we butchered our way through Enrique Iglesias's song I can be your hero!

The Lads

4 cakes ready

A few of the many chefs!

The ladies

Storch open house

The big event of the weekend was last nights visit to Storch dorm for their open house. During an open house most of our guys just walk around the girls awkwardly talk to girls and then come back and comment to me how clean it is. Our guys had a good time and most of them stuck around about 45 minutes before walking home.

March 4, 2012

High school retreat

Most of this weekend the boys were gone in Switzerland at High School Retreat. They just returned about 2 hours ago and they are wiped out. Unfortunately, I only have a few pics from the weekend, thanks to stealing some of the guys cameras and grabbing some pics. During the week we had a few guys get invited to Witt for their annual famous couples dinner. The guys had to dress up as ½ of a “famous” couple. Once they arrive they have to walk around and look for the other ½ of their couple.