February 19, 2012


HBR has gotten into a crazy Nintendo Wii video game called “Just Dance.” Please don’t tell the other guys dorms; our reputation will most certainly be ruined. However I must admit this video game is pretty fun and the pictures from it are priceless!

February 13, 2012


We can’t seem to snap the cold we’ve had for the past 10 days. We haven’t had a day over freezing in awhile . . . which gave some of our seniors a crazy idea. On Tuesday night I looked out my window at about 11pm to see some of the seniors taking trashcans of water out of the creek and pouring them over our basketball court. That along with about 20 minutes of water from a hose and the basketball court had been turned into a hockey rink. I have to admit I started to reprimand them and then I thought, “Actually that’s a really great idea.” The water froze pretty quickly and after two more nights of work HBR was ready for some fun. The guys borrowed the broomball equipment from school and Thursday night we had the first broomball game of the year. It was hilarious with every slipping, sliding, and laughing. Over the course of the weekend we played three more times and even invited over some guys from Maugenhard dorm to play. All in all it has been a hit and it has gotten us outside and away from video games!

February 7, 2012

Proud Dad

Okay I know that as a father I am going to be really proud of my kids and that it will be hard to be objective . . . but today I almost broke down in tears as I watched my little girl in her first gymnastics practice. Not because she is great at gymnastics, but because I was so proud of her for just jumping in and trying. The entire class is in German and she just went along with everything and never once complained or got frustrated. In fact she loved it, and she might have been the cutest thing to ever put on a leotard. Check the video and see if you don't agree.

February 6, 2012

2012 HBR Superbowl Snackaganza

Here are some pics from last night . . . now I need a nap after staying up till 4 am! FYI: Deep Fried Pickles was the "2012 HBR Superbowl Snackaganza" winner.

Pizza Rolls
Deep Fried Pickles

Pigs in a blanket with bacon

Jon serves up his food with a side order of love!!!!!!!!

The winners

February 5, 2012


This weekend the basketball guys were gone up at Kaiserslautern and BFA wrestling was the main event! All four of our HBR wrestlers experienced success, AJ and Greer both got pins in one of their contests and Garrett and Danny both placed in the top 4 in their weight classes. Kyle was injured and was relegated to helping coach and Scott was the man behind the wrestlers helping with stats and water!