January 31, 2012


What do you do when you have 70 bucks and a free weekend . . . . you go to North Africa. This past summer Danielle and I found tickets on easyjet for $70 roundtrip to Marrakech Morocco. In the end we ended up with 5 of us and had the time of our lives. We are so blessed to have friends like Luke and Steph and Corey. Corey is an RA in another guys dorm and he was a great addition to our group. We stayed in a Riad, shopped in the Souq's, got shaved (a first ever experience for me, and a great cultural "guy" time), bought spices, went to Jemma El Fna Square . . . .and just all around enjoyed the sun and fun!

The terrace of our place

The Souq's (Market)

I didn't buy the scarf . . . but the guy tried hard

Corey and I bartered for different spices and stuff and ended up having mint tea with these two shopkeepers
The dudes
The ladies
Jemma El Fna Square

Mint tea . . .the thing to drink in Marrakech
Sunset over the city
A man with a razor at my throat . . . kind of scary . . . but a lot of fun for $3

View from our balcony
We ate at a restaurant above the famous square

January 20, 2012

BFA home basketball weekends

The past 2 weekends we've had some fun on friday nights with BFA home basketball games. Our guys varsity team is actually really good this year. It's been fun and it's a blast to root for some HBR guys in these games

January 13, 2012

A Birthday extravaganza

Over Christmas break we had 5 guys celebrate their birthday . . . so we tried something unique when they got back! We had a first ever "HBR Birthday Creeking Royal Rumble!" One of the guys who celebrated a birthday was a senior (and seniors don't get creeked), but we still had four good young candidates for the festivities David, John, Danny, and staff member Phil. Unfortunately John got his head split open at basketball practice right before all of this fun, so he was in the hospital getting stitches instead of getting creeked. We were now down to four birthday boys and three getting creeked! As you can see from the pics it was organized chaos, and a lot of fun as all of the guys in the dorm got to participate : seniors on the young guys and everyone else on Phil!!!!!

Tony on the far right got cake and he got sung to, but he didn't have to worry about being dragged outside . . . instead he got to help!

January 9, 2012

New Semester . . . same issues

Well here we are in our third year in the dorm. . . . and once again we have construction throughout the dorm!!!!! We are so excited to have the boys back, but just like last year we have projects going on to start the semester.
1st: Danielle and I are getting new vinyl flooring in our apartment (courtesy of reslife). We were assured that this would happen over Christmas break, but it surprisingly didn't get done while the boys were gone! So here we are as the boys are coming back getting our kitchen floor, entry floor, and back floor re-done!!!!
2nd: We also have the burnt room getting fixed with a new ceiling, new walls, new floor, etc!

HBR is always under construction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our kitchen with a new "level floor"
Our front entry way with a new "level floor"

Matt and Kyle's "burn" room