November 28, 2011

christmas banquet

We had a great weekend full of Christmas festivities. The highlight of the first semester is Christmas banquet . . . BFA's version of a homecoming or prom. The guys looked great and the ladies were lucky to be with these gents!!

November 26, 2011

Family Christmas tree

I am a big believer in cutting down my own tree . . .and this year we got one of our best ever.

A Banquet day tradition

Every year on Christmas banquet day the girls from our neighboring dorm come over and do a chant and taunt our guys . . . well this year we were ready for them. It's rare to see such military precision like I saw today from the men of HBR! They hit them with water from behind and drove them right into another group of attackers waiting around the corner. I'm a proud papa. We had fun and we surprised the girls!

Here they come down the street chanting
The calm before the storm
Tony fakes like he has hot cocoa, while the other guys hit from the backside

The girls try to run . . . but the second wave is waiting
The girls run right into our second wave!

At least we drove them home
The conquerors

November 20, 2011

HBR Thanksgiving

We have gotten better and better at cooking for 50 plus people . . . and this year we had almost zero stress in getting all this food out. It's sad that we don't celebrate on the same day as our friends in the States, but we are glad to have it all wrapped up and ready to move on to Christmas!

November 15, 2011

Family Day in Todtnau

About 45 minutes from our house is a pretty quaint town called Todtnau. This past weekend we took Titus and Addison to try out the local Rodelbahn (summer sledding). We got their a bit too early so we grabbed lunch at a cool little Italian place and then we rode the rails. Sis hated it and had a death grip on her car the whole time and wouldn't let go of me on the chairlift ride up. Titus loved it so he and I decided to go twice, whereas mom and sis were good with just one go around.

Lunch at the Italian place

Danielle's lunch/dessert

The chairlift ride
The coaster

Titus taking care of mom on the way up
There's a beautiful girl on a beautiful day in a beautiful place

At the top of the hil
He wanted to drive

Here we go . . .
My view in the car
Mom and Addie finishing up their ride. That's Addie with the look of fear on her face
Titus and I decide to go again
This is the 3.2km coaster
Good times