December 11, 2011

HBR Christmas Party

Tonight for dorm fellowship we had our annual HBR white elephant gift exchange and Christmas party. The staff bought all of the gifts and there was a lot of laughter and frivolity as the guys opened them! We have a tradition that no matter what a guy opens he has to go nuts and act like he won the lottery, it is always a blast! In fact the reactions are better than Opera's Favorite Things! The highlight of the night was at the very end when the dorm staff surprised the guys with a t-shirt for each of them. The t-shirts had hangil's face bleached into them (Hangil is kind of the HBR mascot/hero). The guys loved the shirts!

HBR fire

Please pray for our dorm. About 20 minutes after school on Friday there was a fire in HBR. The good news is that the 9 guys who were home (the rest stayed after school or went to a wrestling meet) did a great job and left the building and everyone was safe. Joe, Phil, and myself went back up to the JR. floor and put out the fire using fire extinguishers. The fire department arrived and there was a flare up in the room (the oxygen got to the fire, from the open door and windows). They put the fire out quickly and only one room in the dorm was damaged. It was Matt and Kyle's room on the Jr. floor and unfortunately with the smoke damage and the water damage most of their stuff is lost. The senior floor and the top floor both have zero damage and are 100% okay, the junior floor has some dust/ash in the rooms and the hallway but once we get that cleaned out we have been given the okay to let the guys go back to there rooms and live as normal. How you can help: 1st, praise God that everyone is okay and the protocols put in place worked well. 2nd, please remember Matt and Kyle and their families as their Christmas will now be filled with replacing everything and working with Insurance. The insurance is coming on Monday and we will begin to work through all of that! Lice to start the semester and a fire to end it . . .this is living!
On Saturday all of the guys that weren't in wrestling went to the Freiburg Christmas markets for some shopping and fun. The weather was cold and rainy and most of the guys were worn out by the time we got home at around 5:00. Hopefully they found their parents a gift, but no guarantees. We ate Lasagna for dinner and then we asked the guys if they could help us clean up the Jr. floor. With 17 and 4 staff it only took us about 20 minutes and now we have to just keep aerating the floor and clean out the damaged room (we have to see if we will be doing that, insurance will hire a company, or if maintenance at BFA will be doing it.) We have also been going through the rooms and making sure that guys don't have more than one extension cord. The fire fighters have said that there were too many things plugged into one outlet (extensions cords, power strips, etc) and that along with some clothes nearby allowed the fire to get started. For now we are glad that Matt and Kyle have a new room already set up and we are glad we were even able to salvage some of their clothes and get them washed right away and get the smoke smell out of them.

Matt and Kyle's Old Room

Matt and Kyle's new room
Helpful dorm brothers