September 26, 2011

My kids are SO INTERNATIONAL!!!!

I love our life here: Titus is in a German kindergarten and will probably fluent in German by the end of the year . . .and then in the dorm they have authentic Korean food and Korean guys teaching them how to hold chopsticks! Living overseas rocks.

September 24, 2011

We're Midwesterners . . . and we found a corn maze in Switzerland!!!

The title says it all . . . you'd think we were back in Morton IL . . . .

September 16, 2011

The Falconer!!!!

We went to the weirdest Zoo ever yesterday. We just found out about this place and it's about 15 minutes from our house in the middle of the Blackforest. It's called Vogelpark Steinen. And it was awesome!!!! Weird, but Awesome! This Zoo basically specialized in 3 animals - Kangaroo's, Falcon's, and Monkey's. . . . not the mix I might go with but that's what they liked. The first hour we spent walking around the zoo looking at different birds. I was thinking . . . "what a waste of money." Then in the second hour we went to the "FALCON SHOW". It was all in German, but it was still amazing. Couldn't understand all of what the guy was saying, but I did understand Falcons, Owls, Bald Eagles, and Vultures, swooping so close to my head that they hit me with their wings! That needs no translation! After the Falcon show we went over and helped feed the monkeys . . . another amazing time with Danielle laughing and the kids having a blast. It was a great time as a family and a memory I won't soon forget.
Titus took a picture of mom, dad, and sis in the Falcon Arena!!!

That bird swooped right over our heads right before this picture.
This was Titus's face for 30 minutes

Sis thought that if you covered your ears it would keep you safe from the swooping birds
The owl hit me with it's wing immediately following this shot
It's right behind me

Here come's the Bald Eagle
Yes! That's a bald eagle inches from Danielle's head

Me, Sis, and America!! - Grandpa P. will love this

Feeding the Monkey's

September 13, 2011

Titus 1st Day of School

Today Titus started his first ever day of kindergarten. He is going to a German kindergarten in Holzen, the town next to ours. The Germans start sending their kids as early as 33 months. I decided to keep Titus home until this year. Last year I did My Father's World with Titus at home. Titus had the first day of school in front of the door picture. He was showing off his binder that he decorated for school. He will keep all his projects and things in this so we will have a keepsake at the end of kindergarten. We snapped a picture of Titus with the guys getting on the bus in the background. Titus left when the boys left, and we decided to walk to kindergarten on our first day. The walk was beautiful but was taking much longer than we had time for. Dad figured this out early and ran back to get the car so we wouldn't be late. The last picture was supposed to be a cute one of him spontaneously hugging dad, but instead the camera snapped the scowly face instead. Titus was excited to go and he waved goodbye to us from the window with big smiles. I picked him up with the same big smiles and he is excited to go again tomorrow. Praise the Lord for His goodness.

September 5, 2011

Cute kids in the tub

Grandparents will love these . . . and maybe someday future spouses of Titus and Addie will find these and laugh at them

September 3, 2011

2011 HBR football season

Today was a beautiful day in southern Germany and our boys had the chance to enjoy the outdoors while participating in the American pastime of backyard football. Every year we get dressed up and pumped up for this day . . . and so far we have yet to win a game. Today we played two games and won the first on and tied the second one . . . but the home students scored on the last play of the game. Oh well, we enjoyed our win and it was a great day to bond as a dorm!

The beautiful men of HBR

don't pull a hammy

Coach Storrs motivates the troops

The offense watching the "D"
Tony and Evan try to sack the quarterback

Greer goes in for a touchdown, he's so fast he's blurry

Tony talking trash

Our freshman David
One of our new sophomores
Greer scores his second TD of the day
HBR celebrates

I thought my new RA's loved me . . . I found out a few moments later they were setting me up for a gatorade bath

My first win in 3 years as the HBR coach . . . this is very deserving of being carried off the field