August 30, 2011


7 days into the new year and we're tackling something that we have never had to worry about before. LICE! Actually our guys only had the eggs not the full blown little guys. We caught it early so we are hopeful that this will soon be a distant memory!

The painful vinegar hair wash

A beautiful day for some lice checking

checking inside

I don't think we'll finish doing laundry for another a week

August 29, 2011


This is my good friend Luke. Danielle and I do a ton of things with him and his wife Stephanie. I'm really grateful for him and his friendship. Somebody shot this picture of us the other day and showed it to me, it reminded me that I am blessed to have such a great friend. . . and fellow idiot to contemplate life with! HA!

August 28, 2011

First Weekend

Friday night immediately following school the guys attended “Chillin and Grillin” and there was lots of games and food and ample amounts of social awkwardness as students try to meet new people and make new friends (come on you remember high school). We got back to the dorm around 7pm and by 9pm we were playing a dorm bonding game called “jailbreak”. It’s a mix of tag, hide and seek, and capture the flag. It’s a fun game and the guys love that they get to run around in the dorm with all the lights off (It got a bit hot in the dorm and a few of them showed us all of the working out they did this summer by losing their shirts.)
Saturday we took a trip to Carrefour for school supplies and then in the evening we had the girls from Storch dorm over. We had some smores and then played a trivia game with the guys competing against the girls. Unfortunately HBR lost, but the really scary part was the amount of trivia that our guys knew about Justin Bieber (teenage heartthrob/singer). The girls were trying to stump us with questions about him, but the guys knew way too much to be fooled (not sure if that’s a good thing).

August 24, 2011

Opening weekend

Well the boys are all back in the house and we have 22 awesome young men for 2011-2012! The past 4 days has been filled with shocked and shy new guys arriving, wild and crazy upperclassmen moving back in, opening ceremonies on Tuesday, and a bit of pole soccer thrown in for good measure. HERE WE GO!!

The HBR Sophomores

THE HBR STAFF 2011-2012
The cool kids of reslife

Some new RA's and some new and old HBR guys

BFA class of 2012

HBR's 8 Seniors with flags

nothing like starting your year off with a van ride in 840 (our ghetto dorm van)
Pole soccer crew
Hanging out
A classy welcome back
HBR door name tags (HBR band of brothers)

August 23, 2011

Dining Room Renovations

Going into any school year is a ton of work . . . but this year we decided to add renovating our dining room to the list of things to do! We had a work team from Washington State show up help us with painting and patching the walls. I am so proud of our staff for all of the time they spent fixing, painting, decorating, etc.. . . .I even had the chance to learn how to sew with the help of a crew of BFA women. We have made our dining room much more "homey", and the comments from the guys have been nothing but fantastic. HBR is classy now!

How it was 2 weeks ago, as the staff takes down the wallpaper and starts fixing the walls
The Washington State work team

New paint job
Sewing Club
I learned how to sew . . . and I feel like less of a man
The room coming together
new paint and a few new accents