June 26, 2011

Summer Fun . . . so far

Here's some pics from our summer. Hanging out with cousins, going to the zoo, checking out parks, and chillin in Children's Museums . . . and finally today celebrating our little girls 3rd birthday.

Sis turns 3
Titus's gift for his sister

June 6, 2011

BFA grad day

I know it's supposed to be a celebration, but grad day at BFA tends to be the WORST day of the year. You are physically/emotionally/spiritually exhausted and then you have to say goodbye to people who have been such an important part of your life. There are a lot of tears and sad farewells, but excitement and joy for what God has in store for the grads. This has been a tough year in HBR, the dorm wasn't super tight, we had some guys go home during the year, and we faced a number of challenges. However, as the year wraps up and you hug these young men one last time and tell them how proud you are and how you love them, you tend to forget about all of that other stuff and you just wish you had more time with them. We love you men of HBR and we miss you already.

A healthy grad day breakfast
All of the couches are back in the attic
seniors running around getting all the final touches ready
signing year books
HBR seniors

HBR 2010-2011

Our grad chariot

Titus and Sis's favorite 2 grads
HBR cheering section
5 tall HBR seniors, Mark, Peter, Michael, Isaac, and Sam

BFA class of 2011 (click on photo to enlarge)

Reece throws a "football" to the HBR underclassmen . . . . .
. . . And we give him the HBR touchdown salute . . . .classy (we did this for each HBR senior)
Jay gets his diploma

Danielle and our babysitter Eliza
Andrew rocking some different glasses

Danielle was pretty sad saying goodbye to the guys

Michael is our notorious crier . . . .this year was no exception

Ross graduates with honors