May 28, 2011

HBR dorm Party Weekend

What a great final weekend to the year!

Thor in 3D - Check
Go-Karting - Check
Laguna Water park - Check (no pics, due to Speedo issues)
Awesome Steak dinner - Check

Cool guys in coats and 3D glasses

The Hammer of THOR


Watching the go kart race and getting a few tips

Here we go
The HBR crew
Danielle is on the track

This is all lies

The real top 3
Massive steaks for dinner

Angry meat eater

Special visitors

Danielle and I are quite blessed right now to have some great friends to come and help us make it through these final few weeks. Jim and Carol Bitner from our home church in Morton, are helping us make it to the finish line this year. They arrived on Monday and are dedicated to cleaning, serving, and helping with our kids . . . basically Titus and Sis think these two are the greatest thing in the world. Today I asked Sis at dinner, "Do you want to wait with me or Mrs. Carol?" She said, "Mrs. Carol!" The last 2 weeks here at BFA seems to be loaded with goodbyes and parties, so we either have to find a baby sitter for every night of the week or have kind friends come and help out. We are way too blessed

May 27, 2011

Som Random shots

These pictures are evidence that we live in a NUT HOUSE!!! From playing doctor, to picking strawberries with the kids, to sticking our heads out the van window, to Michael using the kiddy pool, these pictures from the past week prove that there is truly never a dull moment at HBR.

May 23, 2011

Senior Tribute Day

Saying goodbye is way too hard. Yesterday we had a great day in the dorm as we spent 5 hours telling our Seniors, "We Love You!" The whole day lasted from 2-10, but we broke at dinner time for some killer ribs! You might think that 5 hours of goodbyes would be hard, but it was just story after story and funny memories galore. It was hilarious as well as emotionally exhausting . . .but mostly it was just great to come together as a dorm and love each other.

May 15, 2011

May 15 weekend

Friday night was quiet until nine of our guys returned from their field trip, so we kept things low key. A few guys made a fire by the dorm and cooked some sausages. Another group of guys played a game called “jail break” in the dorm (kind of like capture the flag). . . .and we ended up taking a guy to the hospital and didn't get back till midnight . . . and then we had to leave for soccer at 5 am!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHH. The rest of the guys spent the day at the track meet.

rules before the game of jailbreak

Tony and Ross taking off


Here are some Easter pics we took of Titus and Addison that I forgot to put on the blog. . . . I hope the grandparents will forgive us. FYI: as I look back at these I am reminded that we live in a really beautiful place.