April 30, 2011

Putting up the May Pole

I was driving back with the soccer team today and on our way to Kandern we drove through a town that was putting up their May Pole! Pretty cool thing to watch as the whole town was out and helping. Germans do so much with their communities, there always seems to be some festival or party going on . . . it's something we could learn from. Anyways here are some pics I snapped. One last thing, tonight most of the towns in this area will have a group of men sleep out by their May Pole, because it's tradition to go around and try and steal each other's May Poles. Ha! I love Germany

These guys on the balcony cracked me up, they weren't part of the original "putting up team", but they yelled down to the crowd and had them toss them up a rope so they could help.

April 15, 2011

Spring Break

We are currently on Spring break and we found a great place on one of those vacation rental websites . . . it's kind of small, but right on the water down in Italy! We are enjoying some time together as a family and on Saturday we head down to meet Grandma and Grandpa Storrs

The fam outside of the apartmentDad's view from the breakfast cooking area
Cool bridge by our apartment
538 steps up to the car . . .no joke!

Playing on a playground
The tunnel to the bridge and waterfall

we're in front of a waterfall . . . okay you can't see it, check the next pic.
lake como
Titus and Sis try and touch the water
Titus shows his sister how it's done . . .lay down like this and touch the water!
Dinner on our patio . . .while the kids fall asleep inside
okay the kids aren't sleeping, but their reading books

April 9, 2011

What do you do when you only have 10 guys in the dorm the night before Spring Break?????


Here are the Muddy warriors - 7 guys who had a blast and 1 old man who was really in a lot of pain when this picture was taken.
Pre-match preparations

homemade cut off jean shorts . . . yes these were made mere moments before the wrestling! No, I don't keep a pair of daisy dukes in my closet for occasions such as these.
Match 1 Tony v. Greer

The mighty mud warriors
Match #2 - Kyle v. Luke

Muddy friends
Match #3 - David v. Tyler
These two kept ending up in the grass - so not too muddy!
The HEAVYWEIGHT division - Michael v. Greg
As you can see I clearly have Michael right where I want him.
Flexing for the crowd
Take down #2
Michael beat me 3 -0 . . . I stink, but I'm still smiling
After all of the matches . . . the guys wanted to get the dorm dad
This was the final act to a great night . . . Anna and Jon using the sink hoses to spray guys off outside, so they didn't destroy the dorm
Anna's window shower stand!

I swear Jon switched the water to cold for me!