March 29, 2011

Medieval Lunch

Today for hot lunch we went with a utensil's free meal!!! Every other Tuesday we try and do something creative for lunch for the guys, and last week our lovely RA Anna found a special deal on Turkey legs at the grocery store. You combine turkey legs with fries, chunks of bread, punch, brownies, and fruit and your basically transported right back to the middle ages. The guys hands got pretty greasy and their bellies got pretty full . . . that's what manly hot lunch is all about!

March 27, 2011

Whiffle Ball

Today, we took all of the guys into school for a little slice of Americana . . . whiffle ball! I have to admit I love playing any type of “American” sport with your HBR guys. Most of the time they have never had the chance to grow up playing sports like baseball . . . so they think I’m actually good!!! We had a good time and laughed at some of the mistakes!

Getting ready for whiffle ball

Michael explains the finer points of batting

warm ups

Team #1
Team #2

March 21, 2011

Could today be the best day of my life?

Today could possibly go down as the best day of my life! Bold statement, I know! Okay, maybe not the best day, but possibly the best lunch of my life. As a parent and as a dorm dad I have to cherish the moments I have with Titus, Addison and Danielle. Today, after grocery shopping for the dorm, Danielle and I decided to take the kids up into one of the vineyards by our house (less than 2 minutes by car) and have a picnic lunch. I'm telling you the sun, the temperature, the blue sky, the breeze . . .they were all PERFECT! We were outside for over 2 hours, laughing, smiling, eating, enjoying the amazing views, playing bocce ball, exploring, climbing into old tree houses, picking flowers for mom, etc! IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS.

Beautiful location and a beautiful family

Lunch time
Cheese puffs

Such a beautiful girl
Capri sun . . . or in German: Capri Sonne
Bocce Ball game

Picking flowers for mom!
Titus picking flowers for his momma
Addie runs to me, after she has collected Danielle's flowers.

Titus and Sis, head out on an adventure to the treehouse in the upper left corner of the photo
there they go
They are so big, they don't need us as much anymore . . . and I'm starting to cry.

March 20, 2011


We rounded out the weekend with the first ever HBR/Storch outrageous Olympic games. We had all kind of random events that included everything from students being blindfolded, or tied together, or piggy backing up the staircase, etc. The guys started out pretty unenthused but once the events got going and we broke them into different teams everyone had a grand time. . . and luckily nobody got injured . . . I really thought the “giant slalom down the staircase” was going to end with a hospital run!

Team Macedonia

Team Bahrain
Team Russia
Team CCS
Tyler swimming

Blindfolded steeplechasers

The crowd tries to distract a steeplechase contestant

No handed weighlifters

A giant slalom photo finish
Heat 2

Wheelbarrow races up the stairs

CCS is victorious