February 27, 2011

Life Stinks


Today has probably been one of the toughest in our almost 2 years in the dorm . . . this post is going to stink. Actually for the past 2+ months I've been sensing the same thing through different conversations with the guys . . . life as a high schooler stinks! I think back to when I was in high school and remember all of the questions: Who am I really friends with? Where do I fit? Why does everyone else seem normal? Why doesn't that girl like me? Why does that girl like me, what is she thinking? . . . .etc. And kids at BFA have those same questions, BUT THEY ARE LIVING THOUSANDS OF MILES FROM HOME WITH THEM. Living with normal adolescent "stuff" is hard enough, but at least at the end of the day I went home to my parents and family and my cat and my room and I could take a mental break and let my mind rest. . . . one of the guys tonight said to me, "I feel like I'm living high school 24 hours a day." HBR is not as tight as it likes to claim. That's the truth, it's tough to write, but it's true. The sophomores hate the juniors, the juniors think they rule the place, and the seniors are starting to check out . . . and everyone looks at the past with rose colored glasses. HBR rallies around the idea of the building or the dorm or the brotherhood, but the truth is that we are really struggling to be a family and living with all of the normal high school/adolescent questions all day every day is really tough. Tonight we had "gripe night" and allowed the guys to complain about the dorm and tell us where we needed to improve . . . if your feeling kind of down this is a really bad idea! So yeah, that wasn't easy to hear, but later when I stopped feeling sorry for myself and talked with some guys about life my heart really broke. and in the midst of it I realized that guys are feeling lonely in HBR. Why is that? What are we doing wrong as a staff? How can we change it? Is our goal to be a close family/dorm or is it something else? This job stinks . . . it makes you question yourself constantly . . . . luckily that wasn't the end of my day

At 11:30 I had finished putting guys to bed and telling them that I loved them, then I went downstairs to lock up and saw the cake Anna had decorated. . . .

Four years ago today my son came into the world. I used to beg God for a child I now get to live with 24 amazing sons who hurt and love and laugh and whom I care for deeply. God is good . . . and the icing on the cake is that at 12:08 am when I finally made it to our apartment I heard Titus wake up and cry out "Daddy! Daddy!" I went in and settled him down, laid with him and then whispered in his ear, "Happy Birthday Titus! Daddy loves you!"

Life is good!

February 23, 2011

Bringing in the big guns

The dorm is still in some chaos with all of the plumbing problems we are having . . . on Monday night we had to ship guys to different dorms and homes, because we were getting some slight flooding and backing up of "brown water". But we continue to get different crews coming out and trying to fix the problem . . . and my vocabulary of unique German words continues to grow!!!!

Jon helps the plumbers look down the hole of pooooooo

February 21, 2011

Valentines day lunch

Danielle did a special valentines day lunch for Titus and Addison . . . What a mom!

February 20, 2011

Basketball weekend

We had a great weekend with a home basketball game. HBR was well represented on the basketball court with Sam, Luke and Jay enjoying the final home basketball games of the season. A number of our guys wore white shirts and spelled out the HBR guys names! We looked like a bunch of crazy fools supporting our dorm brothers. Unfortunately the boys basketball team lost both of their games by a combined total of less than 5 points!

Sam at the line

Jay on the court

HBR guys going crazy when our Sr. Jay scored his first ever bucket!!
Carrying Jay off of the court
Danielle and I filling in as guest escorts for our Senior Basketball starter, Sam!

HBR construction . . . problems

We had a good week as a dorm . . .but the construction/destruction of the guest bathroom and the senior bathroom has created some problems for the dorm! Our plumbing seems to have gone haywire and we have a clog somewhere in our system and it’s causing a little water back up in the first floor guest bathroom. Due to this we had to take the guys in early to school on Friday so they could use the showers before school. Then again on Saturday we took the guys on a “shower field trip” to Maugenhard dorm and ended up having a cup of tea with some of the Maug guys, which was a lot of fun!

Saturday Morning Shower Fieldtrippers!!

Tea Time at Maug

February 13, 2011

Anna's Birthday

We almost ruined our fantastic Korean lunch today by hurrying up and eating and then having a birthday celebration and creeking for Austin. His actual birthday was on Thursday, but this was the first day when we had enough guys around to make sure that all went well and he didn’t escape . . . like last year! This year the seniors were prepared and despite a good fight from Austin they eventually got him in the end. However, we weren’t done there, when Austin came out of the creek we had a surprise for our very amazing RA Anna, whose birthday is actually today. Normally, when a guy comes out of the water everyone runs from him, but this time everyone was in on the joke and nobody ran and instead they all made sure that Anna couldn’t run. Austin gave her a big wet hug and then everyone sang happy birthday to her and threw buckets of water on her, which I think was more water and more wet than an actual creeking. However, we then gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers that they boys put some money toward. All in all it was a fantastic moment!

Another Hike

I seriously think the past week's weather in Germany has been some of the nicest we have had in our time here. Every day it is beautiful blue skies and warm sun with a temperature right around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. The guys have really taken advantage of the weather and been playing all kinds of sports outside so yesterday I took my two wild children out for a hike . . .WE HAD A BLAST! Enjoy the pics . . . .and yes that's Titus using his outdoor plumbing on a tree!

February 10, 2011

HBR is under construction again

A nice cloud of dust and a layer of white film is now covering most of our downstairs in HBR! Lucky us! They have started remodeling our guest bathroom and the Senior bathroom right outside the door to our apartment. Titus and Addison really enjoy the jack hammering during their naps! HA! We should be grateful because in the end we'll end up with two very nice bathrooms and not have to be embarrassed when guests use the bathroom and can see the holes in the walls and.