January 30, 2011

Titus and Addie are getting older everyday

I love living around here and hiking with Titus and Sis. I don't do it enough . . .

Our dorm could beat your dorm up!

If it came down to a fight amongst dorms at BFA . . . HBR would win! How else can you explain that over half of the BFA wrestling team (in it's inaugural year) is made up of HBR guys. This past weekend was BFA's first ever home wrestling meet and our guys all did great. Kyle & Ross won their weight classes! Garrett came in second, and Greer came in fourth in his weight class. Our other two guys Isaac and Danny had to pull out due to injury so who knows how well we would have done.

The wrestling crew

Danny about to shoot the leg
Kyle getting ready for his match - FYI Kyle is 16-0 on the season

Garrett get congrats from his dorm bro's after a tough win
Isaac's shoulder gets injured about 5 seconds after this picture

Ross wins


Greer exhausted

January 27, 2011

Wednesday boredom

What happens in a dorm on a cold January night in the middle of a school week . . . .Danielle starts straightening Tyler's hair! I think he looks a bit like a heavy metal rocker with straight hair

January 23, 2011

HBR additions

Throughout this week we had a number of special occasions. On Sunday we met the 23rd family member of HBR, his name is Boram K. and he is from Germany. On Tuesday we celebrated my birthday complete with all the normal HBR birthday festivities and creeking. Finally, on Wednesday we met the 24th family member of HBR Ju-Young L. He is from Germany as well and as far as we know he will be the final member of HBR this year. The really great thing so far this semester has been how the three new guys (Garrett, Boram, and Ju-Young) have fit into the dorm and how the other guys have embraced them as their dorm brother. I am always amazed how quickly these guys accept new people and begin to form life long friendships with one another.


Ju-YoungThis weekend was SUPER QUIET! In our and a half years in the dorm it has never been as quiet as it was this past weekend. On Friday we had 10 guys go away between the wrestling trip, basketball trip, and visits home. That left us with thirteen guys and then Brandon (RA from last year) invited all of the Juniors over for snacks and games, so in the end we had only four guys home on Friday night. We took the four of them; Peter, Sam, Michael, and Reece out for some Pizza and they really enjoyed it.

January 19, 2011

Annual Birthday Celebration

Yesterday I managed to get through my second HBR birthday creeking! These festive occasions are marked with special traditions at HBR, namely the guys dragging you outside and throwing you into our creek. Whenever I get creeked there seems to be a little more intensity in the air and all of the guys, not just the seniors, are allowed to join in the fray. All in all this year was more painful than last year, but last year I got a black eye so I guess it wasn't too bad. . . . Oh and yes I am wearing the green speedo again this year, but I artistically cropped the pictures!

Dinner before the celebrationDee made me a great cakde

Between these two pictures I managed to blow out my candle and climb on the table and dive into a group of guys trying to strike the first blow . . . .it didn't go quite as planned!
This is probably the moment right before I bit Ross - not hard (no teeth marks), but I just wanted to remind him that I love him!!
I got them right where I want them!

January 16, 2011

HBR 1st weekend back!

Campfire crew!

Beautiful weather for the weekend

Addie's first time skateboarding

On Friday both the wrestling team and basketball team were gone, so the remaining guys in the house went up into the woods behind HBR and had a fire and “tried” to cook up some brats. I say tried, because the fire started out nice and strong but in the end just smoldered and kind of died out. In the end we spent a lot of time hiking up into the woods, trying to make fire, and getting frustrated before we wandered back down to the dorm and went to bed. Saturday we loaded up those that wanted and drove over to France for our bi-annual stock up on school supplies (read cokes and chips and candy) at Carrefour. Later that evening we went into the school for open gym and by 9:30 the wrestlers along with the open gym guys returned back to HBR. On Saturday evening we pulled everyone together for some warm chocolate cookies and then told them all that we found out on Friday that HBR was getting another new student. His name is Boram, he is a junior and he is Korean. He arrived at 8:00 pm on Sunday evening and he is still a little overwhelmed and is just trying to remember everyone’s name, but in time I’m sure he’ll fall in love with this place like everyone else.
Today’s weather has been beautiful and the guys have spent time playing beach soccer, skateboarding, getting Boram’s room ready, and “boar hunting” in the woods (really just an excuse to go on a walk in the woods!) We practically made it mandatory for them to get out and enjoy the sun, because there are plenty of dreary February days ahead of us.