November 28, 2010

So What! We've only lived here 18 months

Most people come into a new house and do some painting and preparing and put their own personal stamp on the place . . . .well we kind of arrived 18 months ago and kept saying we'll work on the house someday! Luckily for us our dear friend Chad Zobrist loves to paint and he blessed us yesterday by painting Titus' room. The best part was Chad let Titus help him paint . . .thinking he would get bored in just a few minutes and give up! Titus stuck through to the end and Chad was an awesome mentor . . . this guy should have had sons!

Weekend CHAOS!!!!

I think 7 days ago I was skyping with my parents . . . .and in the middle of the call there was a knock at our door . . . . there was drama in the dorm & guys making bad choices! From that moment on this week and weekend have been one big blur. On Friday night we went "Ghetto sledding" (Make your own sled), drank hot cocoa, and watched "Elf". On Saturday we got the HBR Christmas tree, got in a snowball fight with Storch, played icy pole soccer, and went to Christmas banquet! What a week!

The Ghetto Sledding Crew. Note the sleds: Luggage, trash bags, sleeping bags, a boat, a plastic crate??

Snowball fights
The Christmas Tree Crew

Getting some hot cocoa after felling our Sequoia
This should be on the website "Awkward Family Photos"
Pole Soccer

The Senior Floor
The Juniors
The Sophomores

HBR 2010

Waiting for the Ladies
Here we are in all our glory!

November 26, 2010

Freiburg Fun

We had a terrific day today up in Freiburg. We got on the train by our house and had quite the time wandering around the cobblestone streets and enjoying the beautiful snow, scenery, and Christmas Market! We ended the day with dinner and the movie "Elf".

November 25, 2010

Special Visitors

We have had the special privilege of having our special friends the Zobrist family come and visit us for this week. When you don't have family around having friends for Thanksgiving is the next best thing. So far we've had fun in the snow, walked around Lorrach, and enjoyed Thanksgiving together! Tomorrow we are headed to Freiburg, on Saturday we might do some Christmas decorating, and then they leave us on Sunday . . . too quick, but a lot of fun!

Family Christmas Card??????

The Drive up

Warming up with some hot cocoa

Thanksgiving in the evening . . .Thanks Yordy Turkey farm for the smoked Turkey . . .and thanks Chad and Susan for having a frozen bird be one of your checked pieces of luggage!

Molly, Titus and Sis built a fort


The Zobs ventured out on their own and found their own German cafe' and managed to get their food ordered all in a foreign language! Way to go!