October 31, 2010

Really Cute Halloween Kids

A lot of times in this job the guys frustrate you and make you want to scream at them . . . tonight was not one of those times! We have a lot of parents here for the weekend and a number of guys home for the weekend, so tonight as Danielle told me that we were going to take Titus and Addie around to trick or treat, I thought "there's hardly anyone here; let's do it Tuesday!" At 7:00 o'clock tonight the guys who were here honored Danielle and me by loving our kids. All the guys in the dorm went to there rooms and waited for Titus and Sis to "come visit" . . . and a number of them got dressed up and had fun with our kids . . . . maybe it was the fact that I gave them the candy to give to the kids, and then let them keep half for themselves, but whatever we'll take it! FYI: there are a lot of pics, but I'm a dad and I think my kids are pretty cool!

Sam the skier

Michael and Ross - Santa and an old Russian grandma (weird combo)

Jon the King

Joe's random outfit

Even more random from Sam and Hangil

Michael the Russian

Danny the football player

Luke the surfer

Herbstmesse 2010

Right as school ended on Friday we all loaded up on busses and headed into Basel for our annual fall festival night at "Herbstmesse" (Herbst = Fall in english & Messe = Festival or Party). In years past we have gone on a weekday, so it was a little nerve wracking thinking about being in a big city on a Friday night with 300 + students, staff, parents, siblings, etc! The night was a great success and everyone made it home safely with no horror stories to report. The highlight every year is the bumper cars. For about 2 hours BFA takes over and students go crazy fighting for the chance to drive around a car and laugh at/hit their classmates. There are other rides throughout the city and a few of our guys tried out the Ferris wheel, but for the most part everyone saves their money and uses it at the bumper cars. In moments like these I often am reminded of how blessed we are to live here!

October 27, 2010

Tis the season!!!

This is the time of year when things get crazy at BFA! What's today's date? It's not even Halloween yet and somehow all of our students are thinking about Christmas . . . Christmas banquet that is! Something strange goes along with Christmas banquet at BFA, an insane tradition that forces guys to ask their dates in more and more elaborate ways every year. In fact this year the asking season has jumped up a whole week (normally it doesn't start until Herbstmesse this weekend!) and a number of our guys have been forced into asking early in the fear that the girl that they want to go with won't be available in a few days or even a few hours! Tonight I drove some of our Romeo's over to Witt with this genius idea: Let's kidnap a girl and then drag her outside where her Christmas date beau will beat up the would be thugs and "rescue" her . . . and then ask her to banquet! One problem: Juliet had already gone to bed! HA! That's okay we took these pics with the fella's and the girls who were going to help them! We love living with these guys.