September 26, 2010

HBR weekend

This weekend was low-key on Friday night with guys splitting time between playing board games and enjoying a “chick-flick” in Anna’s apartment. I did the games thing and the guys all decided to dress up in suits and so I decide that I would throw on whatever I could find. Most of the guys wouldn’t admit it, but Anna always gets a good crowd for one of her chick flicks. To be fair this week’s movie, “Hitch”, wasn’t exactly a romantic film and was more of just a comedy. Saturday we got up late and then guys went in for the girls volleyball games or supported their dorm brother Andrew T. at the cross country meet. On Saturday night we transformed our dining room into a coffee house and invited the girls from Wittlingen dorm over. It was a fantastic night and after spending an hour with some free time and playing different card games, we had all of the students head up to the rec room to play a game called “Guess the Gargle!” It was kind of like name that tune. The students were divided up guys vs. girls and each team took turns sending a student forward to perform for the entire group. The performing student was given a familiar song to gargle. They took a sip of water and then tried to gargle the tune and not spit all over themselves or the crowd. Our guys won . . . and my prize of gum with temporary tatoos in the wrapper was a huge hit! Everyone had a good laugh and the girls took off at around 10:00 and we had to work hard to keep the testosterone in check the rest of the night and make sure the guys helped us clean up.
On Thursday this coming week our Sr.'s leave for Rome and Juniors head out for Normandy!

Chick Flick
Card games crew

September 25, 2010

We love our staff

On Monday Jon decided have the guys help "welcome" Anna back from a weekend off . . . here is how HBR shows it's love!

Be careful if you come and visit!!!

Last week was spiritual emphasis week and it's tradition that the speaker and band come and eat a meal at all the dorms . . . naturally when they come and eat at our dorm, we can't just be civil and kind. NO! We have to drag them from the table and take them down to the creek and throw them in. We don't even know these people, and our guys do this! HA! I love this dorm. The speaker was great about . . . we did give him advance notice and he had a change of clothes, so it all worked out in the end!

September 20, 2010

. . . Busy Day!

The beauty of this job and this life is that you can have a weekend hanging out with your kids and your family and feel guilty that you have it so good . . . .and then you come back to work and have a 14 hour day like today and all that rest and relaxation seems gone in one day. We woke up today and immediately were back on the job. The guys had today off of school and so we made eggs and sausage up in the rec room and watched old mickey mouse and scooby doo cartoons, then Danielle and I and the kids went on our traditional Monday shopping trip and bought groceries for the next 4 days. At 2:00 in the afternoon we had our annual HBR vs. Maug vs. Sonne Football/Rugby game! Sonne didn't have a full squad and Maug wasn't really up for it either, so the other 2 dorms combined and played us. The game was fun and in the end I think everyone really enjoyed it and the final score was 35-35 . . . .but more important than the score was the fact that we avoided the emergency room this year!!!! Last year 2 of our guys got concussions and we lost, so I'd say were doing much better this year! Our day ended with a birthday and a creeking tonight. Kyle from Abu Dabi turned 16 today, after the game we tossed him up in the air and sang happy birthday. . . . . Lake Como seems like a million miles away right now!

The Huge Buff & Ripped men of HBR!

Another Andrew . . . we have 3 this year

Waiting for the other team to show up

Our Birthday boy, Kyle

Greer and Luke

This was really pointless
Everyone look mean . . . except Greer
Check out the old man getting in there and mixing it up with the young guys

Joe with the near touchdown
After a few plays on defense I switched to coaching . . . I'm just too old!
Post game everyone was still friends
Happy Birthday Kyle

September 19, 2010

Lago Di Como

We just got back from Lake Como with the kids. We had fun. It rained on Sat. and didn't feel like much of a break . . . but that's okay we had a great time being a family. The apartment we rented was really small but the patio was great and the price was right (uber cheap, but you get a small place when you pay a small price!) We were definitely not in a tourist area, it was 10 min. away from the lake up the hill and we were with locals so that was fun. Today we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and we had fun in town and then left at 1 in the afternoon. We stopped in Switzerland and took some pics and then got home at about 5 o'clock. It was great and we are ready to get back at it tomorrow!

Our patio

Danielle was inspired to cook by Italy
The street by our rental
Me and my daughter

What a cute pic

The kids got tired walking around Bellaggio and started crawling
All together on one of the side alleys

Flowers by our apartment
It rained all day Saturday and this was our view at the end of it!
What a beautiful place to eat breakfast!

She is such a crazy girl
The front of our tiny rental place

A nice Italian man took this pic for us
Our little town of Ligomena

We stopped in Switzerland on the way home and took this pic