August 29, 2010

Saturday: Carrefoure & Storch/HBR Party

On Saturday we ate brunch from 10:00 – 11:00 and then showed the guys how to do their Saturday chores. There was some moaning and complaining, but in the end they all got their jobs done and then we headed to Carrefour in France to buy school supplies. I should say most of the guys buy some school supplies, and then they spend the rest of their money buying cokes and candy! We got home Saturday night had some Lasagna and then got the dorm ready for visitors from Storch dorm. We invited the girls over for a campfire, smores, cider, and games. I love these guys, but I have to say there is nothing better than watching these young adolescent men try and meet new people . . . ESPECIALLY GIRLS. The cologne smell was off the charts in the dorm last night, with many cans of “Axe” deodorant being sacrificed in the cause. To be fair the guys were real gentlemen and the girls were even shyer than the guys – so the HBR men did the nice thing and talked to them first . . . and then did stupid things around the campfire. After the campfire some of the students started playing basketball and then we sent them all up to the rec room for a game called Ipod Idol. This was a hilarious game that was basically a version of “name that tune”. The twist is that we would bring up one person who would put on headphones and listen to the ipod and then they would sing whatever they were hearing to the rest of us. Picture yourself singing in the shower, only your doing it in a room full of your friends and you can’t really hear yourself because your hearing the actual song with instruments and words. The students all had fun and everybody was a good sport about using their singing talents, whether good or bad.

Group Photo

HBR guys being gentlemen . . . yeah right
Ross demonstrating Ipod Idol


August 27, 2010

First Friday night

Today we had BFA's annual Chillin and Grillin Friday night party. It was a good night, our new Sophomores fit into this dorm so well . . . they are athletic, loud, obnoxious, brash, . . . and easy to love. I took some pics during the nights games and dinner. After dinner we had planned on going back to the dorm and playing capture the flag, but it started to rain so that was a no go. However, one of our Juniors, Austin, said he had played a game called "Jailbreak" that he thought would be fun. Basically the game went this way, the entire dorm was dark and 4 guys were the "Hunters". They went around the dorm trying to find guys and if they found them and caught them (grabbed them and held them down to the ground for a few seconds), they were put in Jail. If you went to Jail 3 times you became a fellow "hunter"! In the end there were 17 guys searching for the last few survivors. It was great fun and it was great to here the guys afterward telling stories of where they hid or how they escaped. Guys who only met each other 5 days ago are becoming brothers and it's a beautiful thing.

Danny, Greer, Ross, Michael

Hangil, Tony, Jay
Andrew and Danny, playing some weird game

Titus loves seeing the guys
Luke, Jay, Hangil, Tyler, Greer, Addie, Michael, and Michael in front
HBR obnoxious dog pile

Andrew and Sam

This is Danny's normal face

Austin gives us the rules
How many guys can you fit on a couch

The four original "hunters"
Tired guys in the dorm

Day Off with the Kids

We took Titus and Addison over to a nature park in Basel yesterday . . . and even though it was a bit hot out we had a great day as a family. These two amazing kids are getting too old too quick! They are little people now, not my babies.

Playing on the playground

2 Franc Race Cars

Playing in the River

Ice cream finishes off the day