June 16, 2010

I can't believe it

Today was a sad day . . . . was it cause I missed the guys, or maybe because I realized that the dorm is quiet or that I realized how tired I really am and how much this job wears me out . . . . No! None of those things has made me sad, the real reason that I am sad is that today I saw something. Something so horrible and terrifying that I actually couldn't believe what I was seeing. Today I looked in the mirror and I saw my first gray hair! 9 years with Jr. highers - all good! 1 year living in the dorm with 24 guys - Gray hair! I'm getting old!

this is probably what i'll look like at the end of our time in the dorm

June 11, 2010

Sad Grad

Today we finished a month long series of goodbyes, starting with Junior/Senior Banquet and ending with graduation. It was a great ceremony and Greg and I faced the first of many graduations in the role of a parent. The finality of graduation and the immediate departure of students . . . including some seniors whom we will never see again, really stinks! Both of us shed many a tear today It was emotional and we will really miss our amazing seniors. We love you and we wish you nothing but the best in all you do. We can’t wait to see where God leads you in the future! We love you and we are so proud of you!

June 6, 2010

Camping on top of a castle

Last night we took the senior guys out for a campout. Who gets to camp in a castle tower built in the 1100's . . . I do! These pictures don't even begin to show you the beauty and fun we had last night. Someone here said to me recently that sometimes it hurts to take all of the beauty in . . .they are right. This is a beautiful place and last night we shared one more memory that I won't soon forget

June 3, 2010

Today I cried while cooking French Toast

I remember during the first week of the year watching Marco and Erik pulling couches out of the attic. The seniors had first pick and these two had been at BFA a combined 7 years so they got to pick through the dusty rat infested couches first . . what a treat. I still have a scratch on the floor in our hallway where the two of them got too tired and put the couch down and tried to push it. That was yesterday, right? Okay maybe a month ago. No, that was 40 weeks ago . . . and today all the couches made there way back into our attic.
It's beginning . . . their leaving . . .

I can feel the weight of that sentence in my chest.

The dorm is returning back into a building with blank walls and sterile cubicles with 2 beds, 2 desks, and 2 closets. It all went by too quickly.
Today while cooking breakfast it all kind of jumped up on me and I realized that tomorrow Andrew will be gone for the year, Tuesday it's Tony, Brandon leaves on Thursday and then everyone will be gone next Saturday.

Some of them I will never see again

An attic full of couches stacked to the ceiling stands as a visual reminder to me that it's all coming to a close . . . and I am sad.

Brandon's Creeking

Brandon got creeked tonight . . . and in classic Brandon style, he added a little flair to the occasion. He came down dressed like Rocky Balboa in a boxing robe and then after he blew out his candle he proceeded to break out a cap gun and fire it like a madman! We are going to miss his humor next year

Making the right choice

The other day Addison grabbed my hands and began to pull and in perfect English looked up at me and said, "Play house with me, daddy." I had way too much going on, but it was too convincing and too cute to deny, so I did the right thing and sat down and played with Titus and Addie. For those of you who haven't seen Addison, or "Sis" as she's known in the dorm, then this summer prepare to be surprised. She left the States with no hair, unable to walk, and unable to communicate. Now she has the cutest blonde curly hair, runs around the dorm and gets lost, and is putting together sentences and able to express herself. As you can see from the pics she is quite an adventurer and always getting hurt. She busted her lip trying to run and fell down and hit the curb outside. Meanwhile Titus was trying on random hats that he got from some of the guys!