May 30, 2010

dorm party!!!!!

Today has been an amazing day!!!! These final weeks are full of chaos and activity but in the midst of it there are some great times with the guys and as a dorm. Today was our dorm party day, and we started out our day with dorm fellowship and had a time of worship and looking at God’s word. After that we told the guys we were going to a mystery location for some fun. All of them were guessing and most of them assumed we were going paintballing. You should have seen how big their eyes got when we drove up to a go-carting place and the guys saw some other people out on the track. They went nuts screaming and talking about how fast they were going to be!
Go-carting was basically one of the best things we have done all year. The carts went about 60 kilometers per hour (40 mph) and it felt like we were going 150! They were able to get all of us on the track at the same time and we flew around the track for 15 minutes and then sat around and told stories for the next 2 hours.
After that we went to Laguna swim park and spent 2 and a half hours laughing and going down slides together. I love Europe’s lack of rules, whether its go-carting or water parks, Europeans seem to have a really laid back attitude. I’m used to taking students to all kinds of things and getting yelled at and telling my students to calm down. Today most people observed us and just shrugged their shoulders and thought what a bunch of crazy guys! At the waterpark there is a massive blue slide that has no lifeguard and no one in charge, you just walk up and however many of you want to go down at a time can go. So I think I counted 20 of us going down at once, the whole time we were laughing and wrestling and beating each other up and trying to push each other down the slide. It sounds a bit wild and unsafe, but no one got hurt and we all made a great memory together. The best part of all is that we were all wearing speedo’s while doing this (Sorry no pics)! HA!
After the waterpark we came back to the dorm and Calvin, lasts year dorm dad, was cooking the biggest steaks I’ve ever seen. We got the guys situated and we each had a 24 oz. steak, potato salad, ceasar salad, garlic bread, and strawberry shortcake. Everyone gorged himself and then tried to take a quick nap before we headed out for our final activity of the day. We threw all the guys in the vans and took off for Basel to watch "Prince of Persia" together. Right before we left one of the seniors told everyone that they had to wear a sport jacket to the movie and get dressed up, what cracks me up about these guys is that about 80% of them went upstairs and grabbed a coat.
Today has been a great day, not because we went crazy and did high–energy activities, but because we were together making memories and spending time as a family. Today reminded me how great this year has been. This job is the best!

Getting ready

The racers

post-race celebration
telling stories about the race

This is the moment that we found out who had the fastest lap . . . it was much disputed but the computers don't lie, and I had the chance to gloat all day long!

a random telephone booth we found
tired guys after Laguna

Huge steaks

getting ready for the movies

Marco and Spidey!

May 27, 2010

The closest I'll ever get to a World Cup game!

Last night I had the chance to go to my first ever international soccer match. Netherlands and Mexico were playing each other in a lead up to the World Cup. It was close by in Freiburg (40 min. away), so I grabbed a couple of our guys and took them up there with me. We got held up in traffic and ended up 30 minutes late to the game, but we got to see 2 goals and they were both scored on our end! Luckily we were under the canopy, because you can tell just from the 2 minute run from the box office to our seats that we got soaked. Andrew and I were supporting Netherlands with our Orange!

May 24, 2010

The Rhein

Today the guys had the day off of school, so I grabbed a bunch of them and took them down to the Rhein for a swim! Germans are kind of crazy and a lot of them like to go au natural, but we made sure all of our guys kept their swim trunks on.

May 23, 2010

Senior Tribute day

Today we had a great senior tribute day. It was a long, long day . . . We went from 2-5pm talking about guys individually and then we took a break for a huge rib dinner (we went through just over 70 pounds of ribs!) Right before we finished the first round of tributes the fire alarm went off as the ribs were a little smokey and they set off the alarm. We resumed at 7:00pm and then at 10:00pm after we had talked about each guy and prayed over the seniors we showed the sr. tribute video again and then in honor of the video we told the guys we were going up to the dome and having a dance party! They went nuts! Picture this: 22 guys up in the woods on a dark night in Germany chanting "HBR, HBR!" And Becuase we didn't have portable speakers you couldn't even here the music it was just a bunch of guys being idiots and jumping around; it was Hilarious! Then we came back to the dorm and had an appropriate dance party in the kitchen . . . I LOVE THESE GUYS!

Len preparing the ribs while we were meeting

Up in the rec room taking time to tell the seniors how much they mean to us

Then the fire alarm went off and we went down to the swings
It was beautiful out so we just stayed there and talked about the seniors


Some guys ate their ribs under the bridge in the creek
Watching a slideshow of pictures from throughout the year

watching the sr. tribute video and laughing
On the way to the dome, Spencer gives a speech
A clear example of "Group mentality" and the chaos that ensues in a mob
FYI: This is the dome
Chanting HBR!
Kitchen dance party

Note Sam Lee playing the broom guitar

Titus and Addison were with our great babysitter Eliza for 10 HOURS TODAY!!! Huge thanks to Eliza for helping us be able to spend time with the guys and know that our kids were in good hands.
up close to the camera