March 28, 2010

Spring Break

Sorry for the hiatus . . . . it's Spring break here at BFA. The guys took off on Thursday and on Friday we started picking up attendants for the 2010 ASCI (Association of Christian Schools International) European Teaching Conference. There's not much to write. We are trying to just rest and take time as a family. After the conference Danielle's mom is coming on April 1 and my best friend, Todd, arrives on April 2. Todd and I will be running around and doing some day trips and Dee and the kids and her mom are heading to Spain. We are tired and we can't believe that when the guys get back on April 12 we only have 8 weeks until graduation! Everyone tells us that after spring break things just fly by until graduation. After graduation we are heading back to the States to spend time with family and connect with our home church in Morton . . .we are excited to have some time to connect with friends and family! The weather has been nice here, 60-70 degrees lately, so here are some pics of Addie on a walk with me (She loves to run and has a great smile) and the both the kids at the park. Note addie playing with the German kids, that girl has no fear and knows no enemies, and then note our shy little boy who is playing in the sand by himself and is honest with his dislike for the German language. Anytime he hears anyone speaking German you can tell he doesn't like it and if he hears me speak it, he simply tells me to stop it. We hope by the time he enters pre-school this goes away . . .

My beautiful little girl running and enjoying the sunshine.

This little girl led Addison all over the park and spoke German to her and Addison just responded in English . . . it must be nice not being fearful of language like these two!
Titus and I had fun playing in the sand together

March 23, 2010

Sleeping Standing up

The past two days Titus has gone into his nap time and decided he wanted to read books rather than sleep. Sometimes we are okay with this, because then he goes to bed at 7:30 rather than staying up till 9-10 and we are able to be more available to the guys earlier in the night. Well today Danielle went into get him and wake him up from his nap and this is what she saw. . . . a little boy sleeping standing up! As you can tell lately Titus has become a huge fan of Richard Scary.

Spring Time . . . & Kahuna Kafe

Today we did hot lunch for the guys and we continued an HBR tradition called "Kahuna Kafe". At BFA you usually refer to your dorm vans by their license plate numbers (for example we have 840 or (eight fodie as I say it) and 144) we also have the biggest van in the fleet and we call it Kahuna. Today for hot lunch we set up our food in the van and the guys had to walk through it to get their meal. We also had music going and we brought some decorations from the "oscars party". As a staff we keep commenting on how much mileage we are getting out of the glitter top hats! We just keep using them and laughing every time we do. By the way, the weather in Germany has turned beautiful. Today I went bike riding with some of the guys and we stopped and had some ice cream . . . it was fantastic. This is our first spring in Europe and I have to stop sometimes and remember where we live . . . we are truly blessed. FYI: the guys start heading home for spring break in 24 hours.

March 19, 2010

Room Checks

We have room checks during the week, but every Friday, if guys have 1's for the week which means a great room for the week, they get candybars on their desk on Fridays. Titus and Addie check the guys rooms and the kids put candybars on their desks if they get one that week. Today, I did a room check for Titus and Addie. They went to work helping each other get their rooms clean for their "room check". Addie kept singing the clean up song to herself. When they were finished, Titus Addie and I checked Titus and Addie's room and decided if they got a candybar on their "desk". They both passed with flying colors and shared a candybar as a result of helping each other gets their rooms clean. Too cute.

Mundenhof Nature Park

Yesterday on our day off, we went to Mundenhof nature park near Freiburg. It was the most beautiful day we've had lately. We spent almost 5 hours there walking around the huge park seeing all the animals. We all got our exercise and took good naps at home!! We found a few playgrounds and got to walk amongst the goats. It was a really fun day!!

March 17, 2010

Can't bring myself to erase it

Last week Sam Lee an HBR alum came and visited the dorm. He was a great guy, brought lot's of great food . . .and he really showed our guys that they were a part of something bigger than them. That to be a part of HBR was something special, I really appreciated him for that. Anyways sometime between 2 am and 4 am Saturday morning (he left at 4:40 am for the airport) he went down stairs and basically wrote a gigantic hand written note to every guy in the dorm. He addressed everyone individually and encouraged them, what a blessing and what an example for all of us. Thanks Sam, I know you stalk this blog and I just want you to know that the white board still has your words on it and the 2 sheets of paper are still right next to it . . . I get sick when I think about erasing it.

March 14, 2010

HBR weekend

On Friday night we only had 11 guys home for dinner. A number of our guys stayed at school and went to the middle school play. We treated those that were home to dinner in our apartment (the food was still Sodexo), and I brought out some ice cream bars for them. It’s fun for us to have smaller groups around sometime and to do special things for them. Later that night we watched a movie called “Glory Road”. It’s about college basketball and with the “March Madness” tournament coming up we thought some of them might like getting into the college hoops mode. Some other guys played cards and some others played a board game.

Famous Couples

On Monday night a few of our guys got invited to an annual party at Wittlingen dorm called “Famous Couples”. The guys come dressed as someone famous and then find out who their date is when they arrive. FYI: Tony (The Prince) borrowed those boots from a girl and then we had to have 6 people help pull them off, because they were on so tight!

March 9, 2010

It's the little things

Tonight we surprised the guys with something that in the States would be no big deal. An HBR alum came back and visited recently and brought a huge bag of American food/candy/cereal/etc. So tonight we called all the guys down and you should have heard them screaming and going nuts for things like: Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Pop Tarts, Cookie Crisp. Never mind that the boxes looked like they had been through war and some of the pop tarts were already crumbled. We let the Seniors go first and then the Juniors and Sophomores and each guy anguished over what to choose. Should he go with a bowl of Lucky Charms or two pop tarts . . . these are the stressful dilemmas we live with! It's funny how when you don't have something it takes on so much more importance and it seems so much more special

March 7, 2010

High School Retreat

Well since I spent this weekend at home with Titus and Addison here is what Dee had to say about High School Retreat!

This retreat was the first time in 10 years that Greg and I were not in charge of some sort of retreat. Due to this, Greg gave me the opportunity to go while he stayed home with our kids. It was so refreshing to go and see the guys as they interacted with their school friends and I was able to lead a small group of girls and get to know the girls of BFA so much better. We spent the weekend at Feldberg, the same place we had our ski day with the guys back in February. It was so fun to stay in a place that was only an hour away but had a winter wonderland type of feel to it. Many of the guys tried skiing and snowboarding for the first time and had many fun stories to tell about falling, falling and more falling! We had an incredible speaker, Greg Speck, who was very funny and really challenged the BFA kids to live a life of character. He gave us the opportunity to ask forgiveness of each other, to show love to one another and to approach the platform and give it all to away. The entire school was impacted by this very serious but unifying night. The guys had a chance during free time to ski and snowboard, to play games, or to take a trip to Titisee (a nearby town famous for cuckoo clocks). We finished the weekend with a dorm fellowship of sharing with Greg each guys high point and low point of the weekend so he could hear all that he missed while staying here at HBR. As I write, the guys are celebrating the Oscars by watching an Oscar winner from the past and eating great food. Thanks to Mrs. Bullis for providing HBR with fun party supplies! We let the guys know that Josh hosted the evening and all are upstairs wearing glittery top hats and enjoying the show! Thanks for all of you who let us do this job . . . we are so blessed to live with these guys.

Nothing says guys dorm like glitter top hatsOscars party: Note the blow up Oscar in the corner
Addie welcoming home the guys

HBR guys playing king of the hill

The gym where the general sessions were held
Jon and Tony dancing in the talent show

March 5, 2010

Mr. Mom

This weekend there are a total of 3 people in the entire dorm . . . . . Me, Titus, and Addie! It is our high school retreat weekend and all of our staff went up to be with the students. This says something about our staff: They could have had a free weekend and just relaxed, but all of our RA's and Danielle decided that they wanted to go and be with the students. What a great staff! Danielle and I talked about it and we decided that it would be better for her to go and connect with the high school girls and female staff since it's really hard for her to come by some of those times with two toddlers and living with 24 high school boys. In the mean time here are some pictures of our awesome sophomores, who a few days ago decided that way wanted to go for a "swim". This is clear evidence that if one of them comes up with a really genius idea (i.e. going swimming in the creek in 30 degree weather), they will all join in because they love being together . . . . I love that we get to live with these goofballs for the next 3 years.

Next great golfers

For Titus' birthday we gave him lots of outdoor/sports toys. He got a real soccer ball, a jump rope, sand toys, a fold up chair (with the German flag on it) and this plastic golf set. Titus is actually really good at hitting the ball . . . . and using the club to hit his sister!

March 4, 2010

Titus 3rd Birthday Party

Titus had a Little Chef birthday party today. His favorite toys of the year have been his kitchen and cooking items, plus we have a huge kitchen and dining room so I thought this would be a great theme for this year's party. I had struedel, coffee and tea for the moms, and the kids were kept busy the whole time. The rolled their own dough ball and used cookie cutters to make a biscuit. While that was cooking they danced with jars filled with whipping cream to make butter for their biscuit. The moms and kids were dancing with those butter jars! They ate their biscuit and put together their own pigs in a blanket. While that was cooking they did a race with Titus's play food. They grabbed one out of a basket and ran to the other end to put it in another basket. I asked Titus what his favorite part of the party was, and he said running around! After eating hot dogs they decorated their own chocolate cupcakes with Nutella icing and toppings of chocolate cereal, chocolate chips, sprinkles and fruit loops type cereal. Titus had his birthday song and opened presents. It was fun, tiring, full of energy and an overall fun time for all! Thanks to all that could come!