January 31, 2010


It has been a great weekend! Danielle and I had the weekend off, and we got away for a night with our friends Luke and Steph. When we came home today I went out and snapped some great shots of some of the guys playing in the snow around HBR. Thanks to all of you who support us and give us the chance to love these guys!

January 28, 2010

This is frustrating

Please remember HBR! Since the boys got back we have had Spencer going to Physical Therapy 3 times a week for his knee, Troxel got a tooth pulled and bled all over the waiting room, and Josh got a cast on his broken finger. That was all in the first 2 days back. . . . .this week Josh went back in and his finger had "slipped" and today he had surgery to put 2 screws in and a plate so that it heals correctly. Then today one of our guys came home with pain so bad that it has required a narcotic pain medicine left over from last semester. Last semester he had surgery on a vericose vein in his groin, and now the pain is back! Fact: HBR currently has more doctor/hospital visits this year than 6 other dorms COMBINED!

January 24, 2010

HBR weekend!

Our weekend was full of . . . . basketball! We had home games this weekend against Bitburg and our varsity guys came very close to their 1st home victory in 2 years. They lost the Saturday game by only 3 points and had a shot to tie it with 5 seconds to go. Our JV guys won on both Friday and Saturday!
On Friday night we were going to take guys into Basel Switzerland after the basketball games, because all 40 museums in Basel were open till 2 am and free for anyone under the age of 26. However, due to the basketball games being very close and running long, we didn’t get home until almost 11:30 pm, so by that point we didn’t have enough time.
Last night we had pretty much everyone in the house and we split our time between watching college basketball and playing pole soccer. The weather has been nice here, so we convinced about 11 guys to put on long sleeve shirts and shorts and play some soccer between the basketball goal posts. It was quite fun and today I am incredibly sore and paying the price from 2 hours of running around in the cold. I am realizing that I am not nearly as young as I think.

The Pole Soccer crew . . . looking like they are breakdancing
Pole Soccer Sophomores
Aborigine fans
Some Saturday fans

The 2-3 year old cheering contingent

January 22, 2010


Today I took Titus and Addison for a walk and we went up into the vineyards behind the house. Titus picked up a stick and gave sticks to me and sis and he said, "I love sticks, sticks are the best." I don't think I've ever heard the kid say "I love you dad" . . . and yet he has all the words capable of expressing his heartfelt emotions for sticks.

January 21, 2010

From Canada to Morton to Maine to Michigan to Germany

We have been blessed to have a former student of ours come and visit us here for 1 night! It's crazy to think that in 2001 this guys was just an 8th grader. Yesterday at lunch we both commented on how weird it was that the 2 of us were sitting in a pizza place in Germany some 9 years later! Here is an invitation for all of you, we love having former students come and visit . . .

January 19, 2010

Birthday Creeking

Yesterday was quite the day! Creeking, which is our annual HBR birthday tradition, is kind of like a tribal ritual on steroids! Usually it's just he seniors who are allowed to creek guys but yesterday the seniors let everyone in on the chaos. It was quite fun, I dove under the table to start and tried to crawl out the otherside, but they grabbed my legs and I got in a few good shots, before they hoisted me onto their shoulders. Before I got out of the dining room they had me stripped down to my Speedo (I am amazed at how oftern I have used that thing in the first 6 months here!) Outside they threw water on me and food scraps from dinner. They tried smearing me with a peanut butter sandwich, but I bit off a piece and spit it back at them (that is the picture where I look like a rabid animal! I shouldn't even post that picture; supporters, friends and the guys parents will think I have lost it and I am attacking the kids.) After it was all said and done I took a shower and felt something above my eyelid, when I looked in the mirror I had a little purple goose egg, which has now turned into a black eye. I know this sounds crazy, but it was probably one of my favorite birthday celebrations I've ever had (not as good as dad's train cake he made me when I turned 10 . . . ) I don't know how it's possible, but being creeked really reminds me of how much I am loved by these guys and how much I love them. I am 32 and I'm not sitting behind a desk or wishing I was doing something else, I'm almost at middle age and I get to hang out with high schoolers and love my life.

The eye last night
. . . And today

I will probably be fired for this picture. HA

January 17, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend was a full one: On Friday night the seniors all gathered at the school for a surprise birthday party for Marco. His parents flew in Friday morning for his 18th birthday and we had about 30 BFA seniors surprise him. It was a good time and our guys enjoyed being in on the festivities! The underclassmen spent Friday night playing games, watching movies and enjoying cookies.
On Saturday morning at 3am we got “pranked” by some home students, who came and slept in our foyer. Not the most creative prank, but they thought they were pretty cool. Our seniors went down and tricked them by changing the clocks to 8am and cooking them eggs at 5am! The home students fell for it and got up well before they should have, but then everyone went back to bed and we struggled to get them out of bed by 11 am! After that we did our Saturday chores and then at 1 in the afternoon we took 12 guys into Basel to see the new movie AVATAR! It was quite fun and we all enjoyed it in 3D (and it cost like $20 bucks to see . . .I miss the Morton theater with $1.50 drink and popcorn and $6 movie ticket) ! We got home at 5 and had some spaghetti for dinner at 6pm and then prepared for a “coffee house” with Storch dorm at 8 pm. We had fun playing games with them and hanging out and then we proceeded to destroy them in a game of “Disney Scene It!” Then today we enjoy a burrito bar for lunch!

Being arrogant Jerks during Disney Scene it . . . and cool picture of Josh's blue cast

burrito bar
Titus with his mini-coffee cup filled with hot chocolate

The prankers being woken up by me . . . . and then I fed them French toast and bacon! Everyone loves HBR!

Marco's parents put bags over their heads and then he had to guess who they were, he fell over when he realized it was them! HE WAS COMPLETELY SURPRISED!