December 22, 2009

HBR news

Some quick blips during our rest time:

* We had a white Christmas until it got warm today and all melted
* Mom and Dad P. got in this morning , but had some frustrations with luggage
* The HBR family is growing . . . . . No not another kid for the Storrs family you goofs, we are getting a new RA for next semester. He arrives Jan. 2 . . . . and he's Canadian! Not that it matters, but all of the guys ooohd and ahhhd over that when we told them
* I have a killer gift for Christmas for Danielle - can't say yet, but it's good!
* Danielle was going to get me a killer gift, but I talked her out of it. She was going to break the bank and try and get Man. U vs. Arsenal tickets in London in late Jan.
* Brandon and Anna both made it home safely, in fact most BFA staff have gone home for Christmas, which makes me miss home.
* Things I am sad that I will miss in Indy this Christmas: Colts game with my Dad and bro's (Becky enjoy my ticket), Rathskeller dinner, waking mom up on Christmas morning, burning my brothers with wax during the Christmas eve candlelight service, sleeping in my old room, seeing Todd and Andy, hanging with Ed and Lori, watching my dad surprise my mom with an amazing gift on Christmas morning, having my picture taken on the stairs before we run down to our stockings (mom and dad please super-impose me and the fam.), and many other things.
* I am blessed though, we have family here, Kyle and Krista get in on Saturday and Kyle and I are skiing the swiss alps for 1 day next week.

Merry Christmas

December 19, 2009

HBR Christmas Partaaaaaaaaay!

I meant to put these pics up earlier, but here are some from our Christmas party with the guys this past Sunday night. It was a blast. We had an awesome Roast Beef dinner and then we went up to the TV room and played, name that Christmas Carol . . . . which international kids aren't very good at apparently! That's okay though, because instead they all know 3 languages . . . it's a trade off, but I think they got the better end of the deal! Danielle made lots of cookies and we also played pin the nose on the Rudolph and then had our gift opening/white elephant war. The staff bought all the gifts, they each got to open one and then they could trade and steal as well. The best part of the night was their reactions to opening the gifts, it was awesome, they all cheered and went nuts even if they were open something lame. It all ended with Mama Dee reading the "Night Before Christmas." It was a great night. I LOVE THESE GUYS!

Danielle's Cookies
Brandon and I looking very good . . . .

Joseph does better than Sam and Samuel who put their noses each about 10 feet away from Rudolph!
A blindfolded Hangil!
Mr and Mrs. Claus!
Wasabi Pees

Classic Ross B . . . Ross does everything at 120%
Everyone likes this gift!

Erik the Swedish Cowboy!

Andrew celebrates a Sponge Bob pillow
Parker wearing some H&M boxers and socks . . . not where they are supposed to go Parker

The sophomore's going nuts!
The uber cool Seniors
Danielle reading the "Night before Christmas". The room was lit with Christmas lights, my flash just made it very bright!

December 18, 2009

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go . . . .

The House is quiet! Currently there are 4 people in this massive building. I noticed the stars tonight, and Danielle looked at me after dinner and said, "Wow, we live in Germany, I'm noticing things I haven't noticed since we got here." That's what dorm parenting will do to you, this job is 24/7 like nothing else we've ever done
The past 24 hours looked like this:
9:00 pm (yesterday) - start a movie and hang out with guys. Also, make sure guys rooms are clean before they go
11:00 pm - snack of wings and fries
11:30 pm - start a second movie
1:00 am - dose off and sleep in our recliner
2:15 am - Brandon calls and makes sure that I know to get Erik up at 3 am
3:10 am - Hang out with Erik until 3:40 when his ride comes
3:40-4:15 - Watch the Thursday night Colts game live (nice treat; Colts 14-0)
4:20 am - Wake up Reece whose alarm didn't go off for a 4:30 departure from the dorm
4:40 am - Reece is gone, go back to the apartment and hear Addison crying
5:15 - Colts Win! Addison is back in bed and screams for 15 minutes
5:30 am - Lay my head on my pillow now that Addie is finally asleep. No Joke: as my head hits the pillow I hear Titus's door open and he starts crying. He crawls into bed with us
7:10 - Alarm goes off, wake up and drive 2 of our guys and 4 other people from other dorms to the train station
8:30 - Back from the train station and start cleaning up the dorm from breakfast
10 -10:45 - Many goodbyes and hugs
10:45 - leave with 5 of our guys for the airport
12:00 - back to the dorm and only 2 guys left, Samuel and David B.
2:45 pm - Everyone has made their flights and no one lost their passport, HUGE RELIEF

The dorm is quiet now and it is nice. Tuesday Danielle's mom and dad arrive. Tonight we went out with Brandon and Anna and we are so grateful for both of them.

More good news: We found out on Wednesday night that we are getting another RA for the spring semester. It will be nice to have someone share the load.

It's been a long semester full of sickness, hospital runs, teacher phone calls, building relationships, staying in touch with guys parents and just STUFF! As we look back at the past 4 months we are convinced that we have made the right choice and that this is where we are supposed to be. We had no idea it would be as tough as it has been, but we love these guys and as we said goodbye today it surprised us how much they had become a part of our family. We are blessed

December 13, 2009

Ice Skating

This weekend was packed with stuff going on. On Friday night we went ice skating and . . . IT WAS A BLAST! We did have an adventure before ice skating, when one of our vans wouldn’t start and we made all of the guys push it up the hill so we could pop the clutch. It always amazes me the things that these guys hoot and holler about. They were screaming like they had won the Super Bowl when it finally turned over! The nice thing about ice skating is that it has a great way of evening the playing field . . .because no one can really skate and we all look really goofy.
Yesterday morning we had breakfast by 8:45 and were out the door by 9:30 on our way to the train station. We caught the 10:15 train to Frieburg and everyone had a great time shopping and walking around the city. I must admit that I was a little nervous that a few guys would miss the train home at 3:15, but all of them showed up and we had no problems. As for me I enjoyed a nice Starbucks coffee and a day of peaceful wandering through a great German Christmas Market (thanks to the Kim family for watching our kids).

Brandon is a dork

December 9, 2009

1st hairstyle ever!

The other day we finally realized we had enough hair on Addison for an attempt at a hairstyle. It's a little sporty, but as her father I think she looks amazing!
Then later that day we somehow convinced 10 guys to come and watch Miracle on 34th street in our apartment! It's been fun watching Christmas movies with the guys during the Holiday season!

December 6, 2009

Cute Kids

Titus and Addie made a Christmas ornament of fruit loops and yarn with Danielle and then promptly decided to start eating it. The best part was that they didn't take it off of the tree they just ate, right off the tree.

HBR Christmas Decorating

This week we have been decorating the dorm . . . okay the staff has been decorating the dorm! Trying to keep these guys focused is like trying to wrestle wild animals!

HBR goes to MickeyD's

Now that the days are getting shorter and colder we are finding that a lot of the guys are ready for Christmas break. On Tuesday night right at the end of study hours we surprised all of the guys and took them out for McDonalds. Everyone needed a break and it was good to just get out and have some different scenery. They were allowed to get a McFlurry or 2 items off of the euro menu, the guys really enjoyed it and as a staff we were excited to do something fun with them.