October 31, 2009


Herbstmesse is the biggest festival that we attend during the year. It's a huge carnival that is all over Basel, Switzerland. The carnival rides are scattered throughout the city and the combination of old architecture and the lights of the carnival is a neat combination. We spent 6 hours in the city. The highlight of the night was the bumper cars. Everyone met there and for 2 hours we were running in and out of cars having a blast. I even got to ride with my guys which was fun. Here's some pictures of this great event!







Calvin and Joan

Megan and Eliza

Danielle and Becky


October 27, 2009

Different Culture's

Today was a long day, I took one parent to the Basel Airport at 9am to fly back to North Africa, then I took Mrs. Merrill up to Frieburg to see Michael in the Hospital (side note his surgery went well and I think we are coming to the end of our season of daily doctor visits, but please remember him), then I drove to France and picked David up at the Mulhouse train station (went home for the weekend) and tonight at dinner time I drove back to the Basel Airport and dropped off a parent flying to England. I was struck today by how many cultures and countries Danielle and I get to impact and learn about through our work here, as well as how many countries I am in and out of in one day (Today I was in Germany, Switzerland, and France).
My final bit of cultural experience came this evening when a girls small group from BFA came and made a snack for the guys in our dorm. They made what I will describe as "Korean comfort food." I know for you and I comfort food, means mashed potatoes, chocolate chip cookies, and chicken noodle soup, but for Korean kids comfort food is spicy soup, Kimchee (rotting cabbage), and Korean pancakes. Imagine being in a culture thousands of miles from home, learning a new language, a new culture, and eating food that seems weird to you. This is what some of our students face, so please lift them up and pray for them.
After the girls went home tonight one of our guys; Samuel got choked up. He told me that the food took him back home and that he was having a crummy day and it just brought up all this emotion in him that made him sad. I took him into our apartment and we talked and he held back tears. I told him I was so proud of him and all that he was going through and how well he was doing at BFA. He really is an awesome kid. Try being 18 years old, entering a new school and having all of your education and relationships in English (a language you have only ever studied in school and never practiced with native speakers). On top of that he is a Korean kid, who has spent the past 8 years of his life in interior Asia. He is now 8 timezones away from his parents and two days travel, he has to learn language, culture, try new food, live in a dorm with a bunch of westerners and have me as a dorm dad. He is learning new things like sarcasm (a western sense of humor that isn't prevalent in his culture) and he has to learn how to like chocolate chip cookies (which he spit out the first time he tried them). All that to say I am so proud and honored to live in this house with these guys. I love them and I love all of their different cultures!
This is a Korean pancake, with spices, carrots, zucchini, and ???
Thanks girls!
The beauty of working with teenage guys is that I'm pretty sure they will eat anything!

That's Samuel in the black sweater and striped polo, He is a stud!

Michael's mom will love that I am posting this . . . Lisa and I have gotten close these past few days and she is a gem! She has been a trooper and has been there for Michael every step of the way
Sweet panty hose Michael!
This was at the start of my day as the guys were heading off to school! By the way, it was a BEAUTIFUL fall day in Germany today, blue skies, bright sun a the perfect temperature for a sweater!

October 25, 2009

Mom and Dad visit!

I know that the blog has been kind of silent for the past week, and we are usually good about getting something out every 2 or 3 days, but this week has been really busy. From Mon-Thursday, we had a lot going on with the guys; from school work to doctors appointments, it seems like we never have a free moment. However the past 3 days has been fantastic and we have been resting in the joy of having family around. Danielle told me that it felt like Thanksgiving after we ate lunch in the apartment the first day, the kids were playing and we were sitting with family just talking and drinking coffee, it was so nice! We have been in Germany for 3 months now and at times we feel a million miles away so, having mom and dad come visit has been such a blessing. They have allowed Danielle and I to sleep in and have played with the kids and just really given us a chance to relax and feel "at home"! Also, today mom made her WORLD FAMOUS SPAGHETTI FOR THE GUYS IN THE DORM! So that was a treat for all of us! The timing of this trip was perfect, it was our weekend off and it fell right in the middle of the semester so Danielle and I feel like this has given us an extra boost of energy and rest before the next 2 months. And we now only have to go 8 more weeks (less than 2 months) before mom and dad p and kyle and krista get here for Christmas! We can't wait and we are so blessed to have family that will come see us!

Tomorrow expect an ultra-depressing post after I take mom and dad to the airport and then proceed to mope around and be frustrated by the distance an ocean puts me from my family . . . at least until then I am happy and loving life! HA! Such is a day in the life of a roller coaster of learning to live overseas and be obedient to the Lord.

Decorating a pumpkin with Grandma


Most of the guys cleaned their plate and told mom they loved it!

We enjoyed ice cream and hot chocolate in the restaurant at the top, here is a cute one of Titus feeding Addison, I remember when we used to feed him baby food and when ever I would put the spoon in his mouth I would uncontrollably open my mouth . . . it's good to see that 2 year olds do this as well!

Yeah! That's the Alps behind us

Up at HochBlauen

Playing on the Holzen playground

Grandpa makes funny voices when he reads

Addison shows off her apron and cooking mit

Titus gets a tractor from Grandma P