July 31, 2009

Day 2-Germany

Day 2 in Germany-After a dose of Benadryl last night for the kids, they woke up at 8:30 am today!! They were on a normal nap schedule all day. We got our visa pictures taken and couldn't smile (they had to take about 10 pictures of me because I kept smiling in all of them. D) We got our bank set up, exchanged money, did a quick look at the grocery store (looks alot like Aldi's), not as many choices as US, but I really like that. I had two naps today, and after naps we took a walk to the nearby town of Holzen, and ate dinner. I didn't know what I was ordering, I just heard her say fish and chips and ended up with a Van de Kamp's type of fish stick, not the European fish and chips I was hoping for! Greg and I are enjoying our down time to get adjusted. We took the kids to a playground and just tucked them in bed for the night. It was a good day! We have a big 45 minute trip to IKEA tomorrow.
Titus is hugging a fire hydrant dressed up as a policeman!

Welcome to Germany

We have made it and this entire journey continues to make us laugh and stress us out. Trying to get through the airport with all of our luggage and "stuff" was quite a task. But the good news is that no customs agent wants to stop you when you have as much stuff as we did. So that was a breeze. On the way to our house from Zurich both of the kids fell asleep and then they were pretty wound up the rest of the day. Titus stayed up till 7:30 and then slept through the night . . . . till midnight, when he woke up, freaked out about being in a new house and I met him in the hallway and gave him a hug and spent the rest of the night in bed with him. The good news is that he fell back asleep and as I write this at 8:30 am, he is still crashed (I love benedryl). Addison has had a bit of a rougher go, she has been really cranking, but hopefully today will be better as she slept through the night as well.
Our funny moment from yesterday: Titus was watching Curious George on the computer and he peed on Danielle and our new couch, moments later we had a phone call as people were coming over to visit us, after we got off the phone we realized that addie had pulled a cup of iced tea off of an end table and had stained another couch cushion on the same couch. People were coming over and our couch was a torn apart, to make matter worse I tried quickly washing the cushion coverings, only later to find out that what I thought was detergent was actually fabric softener, so basically I washed the cushion coverings with nothing.
Oh well all is well and we are growing through this journey

July 14, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!

Cousin Elizabeth

These are great pictures of our cousin Elizabeth from a fantastic photographer in Indianapolis! If you are interested in this photograhpy, talk to my sister in law Lori!

July 2, 2009


Greg and I have spent the last 2 weeks in training in Houghton , NY to learn about dorm parenting. Darren and Kristina will be going to Germany with us and this is their 2 year old boy Knox, which is an answer to prayer for Titus.We met the Jenkins on the bus ride here. This is Eddie, Becky and their daughter Jazzy. They will be dorm parents in another part of the world! This little boy is Jazzy's friend and if they ever marry her name with be Jazzy Chan!
This is a picture from the talent show. Jill, in the blue, Amanda, in black, and Katrina next to Amanda will all be going with us to Germany! They are still raising support and will come when they get enough money!
Here's a picture of Niagara Falls. Greg and I spent the day on the Canada side. Maid of the Mist was awesome! The boat took you right to the falls and all you could see on all 3 sides around us was the falls. It was amazing! We got really wet!
This is our BFA Team that was at PFO this year. From the left, Darren, Kristina and Knox, Amanda by Greg (She'll be an RA), Katrina by me (coming as a teacher), Jill in front of me (teacher) and Luke next to Greg and his wife Stephanie in the green (dorm parents). Kristi next to Stephanie and she recruited all of us to come!

July 1, 2009

Addison's Actual First Birthday Day

We celebrated Addie's Birthday early because we are at a two week conference in New York. Grandma Peterson took the kids to the children' s museum today on Addie's actual birthday. Happy Birthday Addie~