May 26, 2009

Florida Vacation with the Peterson's

Just the 6 of us. Boys Golfing, Girls Tanning, Sleeping, Reading, What a life:)
Much too short!!

May 22, 2009

Our Second Support Letter

you can click on this picture and make it bigger and read about what is going on with us


Here is just some of what is on our plate . . . . . AAARGGGHHHH!!!!!!
Stream of conscience . . . .

Get medical records
Get driving records
Contact a CPA about international taxation
Send our Prayer Cards
Pack our house
Send out our support letters
Purchase tickets for Germany
Sign-up for pre-field orientation
order a POD to pack all of our stuff in
Pack all we are taking into 16 suitcases
Sell our House
Put our house up for sale on
Clean up the house so it looks presentable
Get our Visas
Have all of our Medical records released
Get updated GPS maps
Get a new webcam (for grandparents)
Get plane tickets for our New York Orientation in June
Clean out my office
Sell our stuff in Garage Sales
Create, fill-out, and sign a "will"
Find someone for power of attorney
Move our stuff into my dad's storage facility
Run JH vbs for Grace Church next week
Plan out the summer activities for youth group
Contact churches and ask about coming to speak about supporting us
Go on vacation with the Storrs
Marry a couple of people
Have a commissioning service
Say goodbye to friends and family
Finish our Health histories for BFA
Figure out what to do with phone, bank account, etc.
Sell our cars (the truck is already sold, I know your sad)
Find somewhere for our dogs
Get on a plane be emotionally and physically exhausted and try to keep our kids calm on a Trans-Atlantic flight . . . . .

It shouldn't be too hard!!! We love our life and our God who has quite a sense of humor