March 30, 2009

Easter Eggs

Today we decorated easter eggs. We dyed them and are waiting for them to dry so Titus can decorate them.

Pool Time in the Winter

We needed something to do, so I turned our bathtub into a pool. Put blue food coloring in, brought in the pool toys and put their swimsuits on. They thought it was great!!

Titus Likes DQ!

Thanks Kurt! Kurt has been angling to be friend's with Titus and I told him the key to his heart is Dairy Queen!

Addison Sporting the Girly Look

St. Patrick's Day

We had a fun day at Melissa's house celebrating St. Patty's Day! We had a fun green meal of green yogurt, grapes, cucumber, and green pretzels and green soda. The kids played in the sandbox and then went on a treasure hunt through the house looking for picture of shamrocks and leprechauns. They found a treasure box at the end filled with golden nuggets (rolos). The weather was beautiful and it was a fun day!

Valentine's Day

We took pictures on Valentine's Day and the photo card went missing, so I wanted to talk about it anyway. The kids had Valentine's Day outfits and PJ's for the day and evening. We started the day with a breakfast of panckes with strawberries and whipped cream. Titus decorated Valentine's Day cards and did Valentine's Day coloring. We decorated and iced heart cookies. We had heart sandwiches for lunch and heart pizza for dinner. We watched Pooh's Valentine's Day movie. It was a fun family day. Greg and I celebrated on Friday at Biaggi's.

March 7, 2009

Book Party

We invited a few of Titus's friends to his book party to celebrate his second birthday. We decorated pancakes, did a bookmark craft and had everyone bring Titus their favorite book. Once each gift was opened, the mom of the family that brought the book, read the story to the kids. Everyone had a great time!

March 1, 2009

Titus's Thomas the Train Birthday at Grandma Peterson's

Titus had fun at his Thomas party with Aunt Krista, Uncle Kyle, Ryne, and Grandma and Grandpa Peterson!

Happy Birthday Titus and Elizabeth!

Titus and Cousin Elizabeth share the same birthday and this is our first one to celebrate together for the Storrs family. Happy 1st Birthday Elizabeth and Happy 2nd Birthday Titus!