January 3, 2009

Books You Should Read

I read some really enjoyable books over Christmas. Here's my recommendations:
1. Multiple Blessings-Jon and Kate plus 8 story
2. The Last Lecture
3. The Shack-I loved this book
4. Marley and Me
I really enjoyed my time to read and catch up on some good books.
Also, check out:
Francis Chan-Crazy Love-haven't finished this yet
Also a 3 book series on Loving God and God loving us that's fantastic:
David Benner-one of the 3 is called The Gift of Being Yourself

Top 10 Favorite Moments During Christmas Break

Not in any specific order:
1. Peterson Pizza Night
2. Storrs Hot Stone
3. Date Night with Krista and Kyle at the Irish Pub
4. Starbucks with Jenni Keller
5. Christmas at the Zoo
6. Indiana State Museum
7. Marley and Me with Rachel
8. Christmas Day Festivities
9. New Year's Fun
10. Great Naps, Great Reading

Happy New Year

We had a fun New Year's Eve at Krista and Kyle's house for good food and friends and we finished the evening at the Keller's playing UnoFlash until the new year came. May your 2009 be a good year!

Indiana State Museum

Indiana State Museum's Celebration CrossingMom rode the train with the kids, Greg couldn't fit with us in the car.
Greg and Titus at the museum
Thank you Uncle John for Titus's pony. He is now ready for it and loves riding it. He can get off and on it by himself.

Christmas at the Petersons

It looks like Ryne and Addison are up to something...New car seats for the cousins
What a cutie!!
I can't believe how big Titus is!

Christmas at the Zoo Train Ride

Christmas at the Zoo

This was so fun. The whole zoo was lit by Christmas lights. We went to the dolphin show, saw most of the animals and went on a train ride.

Holiday Trainland

We went with Grandma and Grandpa storrs to Christmas at the Zoo in Indy. White River Gardens had Holiday Trainland and Grandpa and Titus loved seeing a room filled with trains.

Christmas with the Storrs

Christmas at the Storrs House

Thanksgiving Weekend at Grandma Storrs House