October 21, 2008

Pizza Night with Dad

Titus helping Dad make pizza. Greg is our pizza maker since he used to work at Pizza Hut. He can throw the dough up in the air. It was fun having Titus help!

Cowboy Hat

Greg's mom and dad brought up the cowboy hat he had as a boy. We couldn't get Titus to seriously wear it, but here's a side view.

More Halloween Pics

Halloween Costumes

Addison Just Rolled Over!

Just as I am updating new blog pics, Addison sucessfully rolled from her stomach to back. Go Addy!!

Thanks for Babysitting Grandma and Grandpa Storrs!

During the most recent junior high trip, Grandma and Grandpa Storrs came to babysit the kids so I could spend time with the junior high girls. Here are a few cute pics from the weekend.

My Crazy Husband

This weekend we had a junior high campout, cookout, shootout. We played capture the flag inside and outside of the church, spent the night at the church and went paintballing the next day. I was so scared to go, I just poked my gun out of the bunker and never got hit once. My oppositely risky husband decided to line up all 50 kids and let them shoot at him while he ran the field. He hit the end wall at a dead sprint and knocked it down. He wanted to show off his war wounds. He said he would never let them do that again....

October 16, 2008


Addison is such a fun girl. She loves being talked to and is always smiling and talking back to you. She gets so excited when someone wants to talk to her. She is a great sleeper, and is holding onto objects. She likes her plush dolls to chew on, likes the baby gym, bumbo, ceiling fan and car/stroller rides. She can flip halfway to her stomach but not all the way yet. It's fun to see the constant changes in your kids.


I've had so much fun lately watching my kids development. Titus has such a sweet spirit and is completely in love with his books. All day long he wants to either be read to, or you catch him everywhere reading to himself. He reads in his bed, the armchair, the floor, the nursery, wherever he can. His new words are down and bus. He loves being outside and loves playing in Dad's car.

I've been tagged!

Robin tagged me to post the 6th picture in my photos. The 6th one for 2008 was this one. Titus and I enjoying a mom and me experience at a gymboree class in Indy. Then, even better, this hot to trot picture of me after Titus was born which was actually the 6th picture in my photos since the beginning!!
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After reading Holli's blog http://nationtonation.blogspot.com/ I decided to start the tagging process myself. I wanted to post and hear what my friends had to say as well. So here are 7 random and/or weird facts about myself.
1. I love the Morton Cinema. It's a great price for tickets and you can't beat the price on the popcorn/pop combo. Everyone in my family in Indianapolis loves this theater as well. It's just fun and different for them.
2. I love bible study devotional type books. I can't get enough!
3. I like to read and am always reading multiple books at a time. Fiction books take me forever to get through. I always have bookmarks in so many books that I haven't yet finished.
4. I am making a stocking for Titus and I did step 1 only last Christmas and have only finished 2 more steps out of the billions of steps. Maybe by the time he goes to college I'll have it all done.
5. I throw away all the caps to my plastic bottles of water, Gatorade, whatever in the process of cleaning my house and I always end up spilling my drinks.
6. I'm known around the house as the rip and tear queen. I don't have patience for opening anything aka rip and tear queen.
7. I like decaf coffee in the nights more than caffeinated coffee during the day.

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October 11, 2008

Apple Blossom Farm

We went out to pick apples for the apple pies that we make and eat as a family during the year. It was a zoo. So many people. Long lines but we walked away with our apple cider, apple cider donuts and bag of apples for pie. Titus liked picking the apples and eating them. He loved the donut too of course!!