February 29, 2008

Your Next Titus

As you can see from previous posts, we have a tradition of making "special" cakes for birthdays. My Father set the bar pretty high, and I have now done my best to keep up the Family Tradition, In 30 years I expect you to keep up the tradition Titus . . . . . or maybe uncle Ed will make one before you next year!!!!! By the way! Congrats to Ed and Lori on the birth of Titus' first cousin (sharing Titus' birthday of all things)! Baby Elizabeth Bailey Storrs, is now a member of the Storrs family and we are so happy to have her

February 28, 2008


Titus turned one today! I actually can't believe it . . .it seemed like being a dad was going at a good pace . . . .but now he's one and i want it all to stop. I am already worrying about him being old and ready to be on is own and i don't like it. I have grown to love him more and more everyday, when i look back on his short life i can't believe how much he has changed. Here is a quick video of Titus' first year. Praise God for this blessing in our life, here is a video re-cap of his first year

February 19, 2008

Almost a year old

I thought i'd take a moment and throw some pics of Titus up on the web. Most of us here are feeling like junk. Titus has been running a temp the past couple of days and Danielle and I are worn out from Winter Retreat. Anyways, here are some pics, of his first hair cut and other cute shots