September 23, 2008

Thanks to Rachel for helping me take my kids on rides the Wednesday night o f Pumpkin Fest. Titus's favorite ride was the car ride. He loved driving with the wheel of the car. I was able to get my pork chop sandwich and apple cider slushie, do rides with the kids, the Princess Pageant and the junior high scavenger hunt all in one night. The weather was beautiful.

Morton Pumpkin Festival

September 18, 2008

Baby Blue Eyes

Joy is amazing. This is just one of the 200 pictures she took for Titus's 18 months pictures today. To see more, check out her blog on my links at the right.

Sibling Love

Although it may not always be the case, I caught the kids in a loving moment. Titus really does love and care for his sister well.

September 14, 2008

More Wyoming Pics

Cowboy Days for the Storrs Boys

Greg took a 10 day trip with his dad and brothers to Wyoming. They rode horses, hiked, fished and had a great time. He just got back tonight and I'm so enjoying him being home. Here's some pics from the trip.

September 4, 2008

Face Time for Addison

Titus gets most of the camera time these days because he's doing so many things. I need to take more pics of Addison! Here's blog face time for our beautiful girl!

Rainy Day

It rained all day today so we headed out to the library to get some new books to read. Titus loves reading. He wants to be read to and also reads to himself all day long. I may make the theme of his 2nd birthday books because he loves them so much!

Sorting Rocks

On the trip to Southwood Park, Titus spends a good twenty minutes picking up individual rocks and putting them each in the trashcan. He loves sorting!!

Tour of Morton Parks

Greg and I have spent the summer taking Titus to visit all the playground areas in Morton. We've been to all the elementary schools, all the parks and some of the churches. Titus can navigate almost all of the stairs and slides at the parks all by himself. This was Titus at Southwood Park

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Grandma P and I took Titus to a special program at the Bloomington Children's Museum. He learned about the stars and planets and made a special pinwheel and some other fun craft projects. They have something available for his age each month.

Meeting Ryne Sandberg

We had the privilege of being able to take Ryne, Kyle, and Krista to meet Ryne Sandberg at the Peoria Chiefs game. We arrived at the gate a half hour early, ran to get in line and I fed Titus popcorn for a half an hour just to keep him occupied. Kyle was able to meet him, get a personalized picture and a picture with him and his family. It was such a neat experience. For more pictures, see Krista and Kyle's blog.
Titus and friend Wyatt at the Farm Park