November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Titus had a blast during his first Thanksgiving. We spent it with Danielle's Family in Indy and then Titus and Uncle Kyle watched some Football (Football is actually his favorite thing to watch), he played with annie, and when we got back home in Morton Titus and I went out and searched for the perfect Christmas Tree . . .

November 19, 2007

Dedication weekend

This past weekend was great, we had 11 people at our tiny house all weekend for Titus' dedication. It was a ton of fun, we all ate together, went to church together, and watched the colts together (they played like junk, but finally won in the end). Danielle and I are blessed to have family that love's us and loves Titus!

November 9, 2007

November 6, 2007

Like Father, Like Son

Titus has a new best friend . . . . .Himself. This kid, loves looking at himself in the mirror - We pretty sure he gets it from his mother


It was a sad day Sunday, the Colts lost 20-24 to the Evil, Cheating, No Good Patriots, but Titus didn't seem to mind he just likes being a fan

This is Titus if he were born in Russia . . . I think