July 9, 2007

First Family Vacation and First time to the Atlantic Ocean

We just got back from an amazing week on Holden Beach in North Carolina. Dave my brother (holding the surfboard in the picture below) and his girlfriend Becky invited all of us to come spend the week at Becky's parents beach house. It was a such a great time for me to see my brothers and for Titus to spend some time with his Aunt's and Uncles. Unfortunately our Camera battery died on the first day and we didn't bring the charger, but I did get a few shots before it ran out. So sorry to Ed and Lori (my other brother and his wife) I didn't purposely omit you from these pictures, I just didn't have any of you
This was the view off the back of our deck. It was an amazing week, nothing between us and the ocean but some tall grass and a lovely sand beach

Flying and Florida

Ty guy took his first vacation. While I was away in England Danielle flew down to meet her family in Florida. They stayed in Sarasota, and Danielle said that Titus was a champ and never cried on his first flight. Also, Notice He's starting to get very chunky, compared to pictures of him earlier in life

Sorry about this picture being so blue, Danielle handed the camera to a guy who didn't really know how to work it, so this is what we got

Professional pictures

We went back to the same people who shot pictures of Danielle and I before we had Titus; Bruer Photography. Here is just one of their pictures of Titus from a portrait session. There are many more and we can't wait to get all of them and throw them in a photo album and show everyone . . . hopefully this gives you an idea of how beautiful our son is!